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Top 5 Best Cars for Women

7th February 2019 | BY Adam

OM605 tuning

Despite the widespread belief that women are not as skillful at being drivers as compared to men, there are those among them who are able to compete with men drivers with ease.

Cars for women have their own requirements, which, first of all, depend on how experienced a driver, whether she is a veteran behind a wheel or just a beginner.Continue Reading »

Top 5 Cars for Novice Drivers

05th February 2019 | BY Adam

OM605 tuning

In this article we will try to tell you how to choose a car for a beginner: we will tell you in detail what to pay attention to, what should be based on, and also tell about the advantages and disadvantages of new and used cars.

Which car is better to buy for a woman who just got her driving license and became a novice driver? One of the budget options is Daewoo Matiz. This compact car has a lot of advantages that an inexperienced car enthusiast will appreciate:Continue Reading »

Climbing the Swiss Alps and racing the Nurburgring in a Defender Icon Sport Wagon

27th April 2015 | BY Adam

Feature shot for

The Land Rover Defender has earned it’s place in motoring history as one of the greatest vehicles of all time. Arguably the best known 4×4 on the planet, they come in a huge number of shapes, sizes and applications. There are basic farm hacks, ones with gun turrets, others sporting 100 foot telescopic cherry pickers, ambulances, campers - you name it and there’s probably a Land Rover which has been converted into one.

But there’s a new breed of modified Land Rovers in the UK and it’s splitting the opinions of the die hard fans right down the middle. Companies like Nene Overland now offer ‘Fast road’ Defenders, with stiffened and lowered suspension, road tyres, bigger brakes, sports interiors and plenty of extra power under the hood. Having heard the arguments banded around online for and against this next generation of Defenders we figured it was about time we made up our minds about where we stood on the matter.

And what better way to decide than drive one 1,500 miles across Europe, up the Swiss Alps and then pop for a few laps at the Nurburgring…
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VIP D3 | Dan’s Audi A8 V6 3.0 TDI

20th April 2015 | BY Adam

After a move to London for a new job was put on hold, Dan House found himself in a fortunate position. The money he had saved for the move was no longer needed to pay extortionate London rent prices and had become somewhat disposable. Having previously owned a static dropped B7 A4 TDI on Lamborghini Gallardo rims and always loved the look of his uncles D3 Audi A8, it was time to put the London fund to good use.

There was a specific criteria though, the car had to be the same colour grey as his old A4, with black leather and dark wood trim. After many days spent trawling eBay and Pistonheads Dan finally found the car, but it was in Edinburgh - 300 miles from his home town of Birmingham. But given the rarity of the colour and trim combo he was looking for, Dan called the seller and arranged a test drive. A couple of days later he flew up to see the car, landed at 10am and by 11.30 he was on his way back down the M6 in his new D3 Audi A8 3.0l V6 TDI.

London could wait.
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The sound of an OM605 with a straight through exhaust | Taking the Benz for a spin

17th April 2015 | BY Adam

Straight exhaust OM605

Being a 5 cylinder, the OM605 engine has a distinctive sound as standard. But with a few lengths of straight pipe you can really get them to sing. Loads of you have been asking how ‘The Benz’ sounds with it’s straight through exhaust, so we headed out with a couple of GoPros and went for a drive…
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35bhp for almost free with a DIY tuning box | Mercedes OM605 tuning (Part 2)

7th April 2015 | BY Adam

OM605 tuning

OM605 tuning is popular these days due to the relatively low cost and huge potential for power and the same goes for tuning the OM606 engine. In this series of articles we’re looking at the options available on any budget, using our trusty 1998 C250 wagon as the test subject. In the last one we introduced you to ‘The Benz’ and looked at how we took it from a crusty silver slippermobile to a Latvian drug dealer spec wagon.

Today we’re going to see how many extra ponies we can squeeze out of the old girl for next to nothing, in fact you may even have some of the bits required laying around the workshop already. Nothing like free power hey?
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Rolling Coal is cool…but you already knew that!

3rd April 2015 | BY Adam

tuned diesels

Rolling Coal is cool…no two ways about it. Out of these ten soot chuckers, which is your favourite?

Hit the jump for the video and let us know yours in the comments below.
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VR Yes! | Jake’s 264bhp Fabia VRS

30th March 2015 | BY Adam

They say the best things come in small packages and it’s certainly true of many things. The old Nokia 8210 was pretty neat, that was small and those tiny pigs that posh birds keep as pets, they’re pretty badass too.

Last night we went to meet Jake Edginton to shoot his Skoda Fabia VRS, which as you’re probably aware is the smallest of the Skoda line up. But under it’s tiny bonnet lies a number of unexpected goodies, a GTB2260VK turbo from an Audi Q7, a tubular manifold from Darkside Developments and a Quaife diff hidden in the gearbox.

The result is 264bhp and 400lbft of torque, which as you can imagine makes this dinky derv a huge amount of fun.
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The Benz | Mercedes OM605 tuning (Part 1)

23rd March 2015 | BY Adam

OM605 tuning (1)

The Mercedes OM605 and OM606 turbo diesel engines are known for their strength and reliability. Bolt on a huge Holset turbo from a Scania truck and fit a manual fuel pump and you’re set to make figures north of 400bhp, all on stock internals. It doesn’t cost a huge amount either, for around £3,000 you should be able to pick up a car and the associated gubbins necessary to build a smoke belching, M3 scaring, sideways machine.

But there’s a path less travelled in the quest for more power from these German powerhouses, one that doesn’t boast such impressive figures but may well offer a significant return on a rather insignificant investment. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be exploring some cost effective tuning options for these engines, using our own 1998 Mercedes C250 as the guinea pig.

To kick off this series, we’re going back to the beginning when ‘The Benz’ looked a teeny bit different…

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Ultimate Dubs 2015 | 100 Photos from the show

16th March 2015 | BY Adam

VW Car Show (24)

Ultimate Dubs kicked off the 2015 show season with a bang on Sunday at the International Centre Telford. With two hour queues to get in, we were expecting it to be bigger and better than previous years and we have to say, we weren’t disappointed.

VW Car Show (22)

Last minute show prep being performed in the tailbacks.

The calibre and variety of cars was a step up from our last visit in 2014 and we were pleased to see a lot more than rows and rows of decked MK5 Golfs on Rotiforms which were seemingly the trend in previous years. This time around there was a great mix of show and go, with bagged caddy vans rubbing shoulders with sub 10 second Sciroccos.

Hit the jump for 99 more photos from the show.
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