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4WD Tdi Van?

19th January 2012 | BY nsnptom

Here at NSNP Towers we love it when some one comes along and mixes things up a bit. From cheese on cornflakes to strawberry pizza, there’s nothing better than stumbling across an unexpectedly brilliant combination of things. So when VW announced the Rockton at the end of last year and said its was going to have four wheel drive, a diesel up front AND be a van, they had our full attention.

It’s being billed as a tougher version of the standard Transporter but with increased off-road ability. Derived from the recently facelifted Kombi variant, this builders solution to the end of the world is equipped with their highly tunable Haldex-based four-wheel drive system. It even comes with a differential lock on the rear axle as standard!

To improve its off-road credentials, Volkswagen’s engineers have  reinforced the suspension and damping while also jacking the standard ride height up by 30 millimetres. However the option list is where things get really interesting, VW are offering what’s called either the Expedition or Protective packages.

The Expedition option adds 16-inch all-terrain tires on reinforced steel rims and a different transmission which the company claims ” provides greater pulling power in off-road operation”, plus individually sliding and removable seats trimmed in a special hose down fabric inside.

Those that plan to take full advantage of the Rockton off the road, will want to tick the Protective Package box, which includes full underbody protection plates for the engine and transmission, fuel tank, side sills, rear axle and exhaust system. A multi-function container with a desk and a mesh partition for the passenger space is also available.

All we can say at this time is keep your eyes peeled for these appearing as highly modified versions, supporting VW’s 2012 WRC Polo.


The Transporter Rockton is offered with a 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine in a choice of two outputs, with 140HP or 180HP. According to VW, in Germany, prices for the standard model start from € 34,545 (plus VAT) and for the “Expedition” from €42,490 (net).

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