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Maseratina - The new diesel Maserati?

16th February 2012 | BY NSNP

There’s rumblings on the web that Maserati are releasing a baby Quattroporte (pictured below) and that it’ll be packing a V6 diesel lump.

German publication AutoBild claims that the “Maseratina” (an internal name by the sounds of it) will be smaller in size than the Quattroporte and will be a direct rival for the BMW 5 Series and Jaguar XF. However, with reported power figures of 300bhp and 516lbft it certainly won’t be rivalling the new BMW M550D (or any of the M series diesels) with it’s performance. Willy waving 0-60 times aside, here at NSNP we’re very excited that more and more high end manufacturers are pushing diesels in their flagship models.

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