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NSNP Launch - Diesel Dyno Day and Meet

13th February 2012 | BY NSNP

Saturday 11th February marked the offical launch of and the NSNP forum.
Braving the bitter cold and the threat of a Great British Snowpocalypse, people travelled from all across the UK to deepest darkest Coventry to attend our celebratory diesel dyno day and meet up at Thor Racing.


As the gates opened at 10am we were a little unsure what to expect. Having advertised the event across various forums and Facebook pages we weren’t sure how many would arrive to talk torque and nerd out over the oil burners on display. But as the morning rolled on more people rolled up and by lunch time we had a workshop full, and a dyno cell full of soot.

Around 200bhp and 300lbft seemed to be about average after seeing runs from the NSNP Leon, NSNP Ibiza, Ben’s Golf TDI and Felix’s VRS.

But then the Northerners arrived and showed us that all those years of coal mining and staring at smoke stacks on the horizon had paid off. It would have seem to have left them with an uncanny ability to squeeze silly power from their tractor engines. The Darkside Developments Jetta produced a monsterous 316bhp and 468Ft/Lbs at the flywheel - expect a full feature on that very soon!

A big thanks to Forge Motorsport, SuperPro and Eibach Suspension for coming along to support the event and show off their shiny products.

To round off a thoroughly enjoyable day we let the dyno cool down and fired up the BBQ. Bellies full and bantered out, we said our goodbyes and headed home, very much looking forward to the next meet.

If you came along and have any photos, we’d love you to sign up and post them on the Forum.


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