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Dirty Stancing Spring Meet

18th April 2012 | BY NSNP

On our way back from the Stanceworks Coffee and Cars meet we swung by the Dirty Stancing Spring meet in Coventry.
By the time we arrived half of the Tesco carpark had been taken over by various modified marques. It was quite amusing to see the mums and elderly people coming back to their cars after a few hours shopping only to find themselves in the midst of a car enthusiasts meet, surrounded by decked dubs and rusty beemers.

An Airlift kit working it’s magic on this beautifully clean A4, we have to admit that it’s probably one of our favourite looking car at the moment…


That said, this Caddy van was an exemplary example and proves that form and function can go hand in hand. We’re not huge fans of garish wheels, but these blue Land Rover rims look absolutely spot on.

On the other side of the Caddy coin, this rough and ready MK1 had a lot of character.

Loved this roof, but can’t show you the rest of the car because it was one of those petrol things .

We seriously hope the owner if this tashed Polo also has a matching comedy tattoo on his index finger.


As you can see, plenty of tasty diesels on display and a great turn out for a car park meet up. We’ll be sure to attend the Dirty Stancing Summer meet.

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