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Edition 38: Early Edition

26th April 2012 | BY NSNP

With the show season starting to gain momentum we headed over to Northampton to see what the guys at Edition 38  had put together to kick start our Sunday.  After a short walk we found the  entrance, but as is the norm with these events, the quality was just as high in the car park as it was in the show grounds.

It would seem these three spoke wheels are making a come back. If you can name what they’re off hit us up in the comment section!

Clever use of the arm rests in this A4 drop top. And yes… it was very low.

Nice to see some hardware on this Bora  supplied by the boys from Darkside.

We enjoyed this cheeky sticker…

This is what we call HELLAFLUSH.

Although not strictly Tdi this super smoothed banana bug was more spaceship than show car.

Award for most tuck went to this evil looking golf.


Some super high quality interiors on show, the colour might not be to every one’s taste, but you can’t knock the standard of craftsmanship.

We had a great day out, the atmosphere was laid back and the DJs added a really cool vibe to the whole affair. It would seem lady luck was on our side too as just as we were leaving the skies opened and it poured it down.  We can’t wait until the next Edition.

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