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153mph Volkswagen Jetta TDI

25th May 2012 | BY NSNP

On Wednesday we got a call from Scott at Darkside Developments asking us to meet him and his brother and co-owner Ryan at Bruntingthorpe Proving Grounds. They were intending on using the two mile straight at the disused airfield to stretch the legs of their Jetta and see what top speed it would reach since they’ve de-restricted it.

Once we’d arrived and been cleared on to the track courtesy of Aaron at Bilstein (Thanks Aaron!) we headed to the end of the straight and set up camp in the blazing 27.5c sunshine. One sighting lap later and we were ready…

You’d think that two miles would be long enough, but even from a respectable standing start turning in a 5.7 second 0-60 there was still more to be had from the Jetta by the time Ryan was forced to stand on the giant Volkswagen Racing brakes. A rolling start was needed and luckily there is a very fast corner which leads on to the two mile straight,  this allowed Ryan to carry 70mph through it and effectively give himself another six or so seconds at the other end to squeeze out every last mile-per-hour. By the time he hit the braking zone, he’d added another 3mph to his previous best giving a GPS verified top speed 153.07mph - Not bad for a 5 door family saloon.

Click for a larger 0-100 mph graph:

Click for a larger top speed graph:

So the big question is can it do more? We think it can with a few tweaks, such as an improved suspension set up that doesn’t rub when cornering hard. If Ryan could have carried another 15-20mph through the bottom corner, I think we would have seen speeds of 155mph. The Jetta does have the Bluemotion undertray in an attempt to make it a little more slippery, but ultimately it has the aerodynamics of a house brick - so all things considered, we’re extremely impressed with the results. We’d forgive you for expecting them now to sit back and rest on their laurels, content with their achievements.

But don’t be so naive, because we’re sure we heard whispers of even more power coming very soon…stay tuned.

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