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Players Show Report, Photos and Video

23rd October 2012 | BY NSNP

The 4th Players show took place on Sunday 16th September, we were there to not only cover the show but to take our very first trade stand out for a spin. As per usual for the NSNP Crew it was an early start (4.30am) in order to load the car up with enough sweets, t-shirts, gear and stickers to sink a battle ship! The journey down to Essex was good fun though with plenty of cars already on their way, mostly covered in blue detailing tape or bonnet bras. We arrived in good time and just about managed to beat what became an epic queue later on, which was simply down to the sheer volume of people attending this year. Even the organisers looked shocked at the snaking trail of cars disappearing off in to the distance.

More photos and a video after the jump…

Having set the NSNP pitch up it was time to grab a few minutes and have a look around. The quality of cars on display was simply mind bending, with good representation from all marks. There has been a bit of controversey over the amount of non vag show cars, but we honestly think it was all the better for it. Everything from American low riders to hardcore track cars, there was a flavour for everyone. Even the hanger filled with the aircooled machines had good variety.

Back at the stand things were beginning to get busy as people filtered through from the parking. It wasn’t long before we spotted some friends all the way from Belgium, the guys we met (and featured) from Maximized had convoyed over and had made a weekend of the it here in the UK. Before we knew what was happening we had 3 immaculate show cars, all polished up and proudly on display in front of the NSNP stand. Result!

Maarten’s VIP styling.

The day seemed to fly by, with the T-shirts and stickers selling like hot cakes as well, there was hardly a moment when we didn’t have someone at the stand nerding out over diesels with us. The coolest thing about car culture is that you can have an interesting conversation with pretty much every single person you meet.

This MK1 was sporting a TDI conversion that VW themselves would be proud of. If you know any more details of this car or it’s yours then please get in touch with us.


The event was almost too big (if that’s possible?) with cars and crowds every which way. The atmosphere was very relaxed though and felt inclusive rather than cliquey.

There are dinner plates in the Ritz with more dirt on than some of the cars in the Show and Shine hangar.


Soon enough it was time to say our goodbyes and break down the temporary NSNP hang out. We will be back to North Weald next year for certain and we’ve got some cool ideas for the stand next show season.

There will be plenty of you reading this who signed up to the forum or liked the facebook page recently who we hope we’ll get to see again soon (We’ll be at Gti Fest in October). We’d also like to thank all of the organisers at Players for turning out such a great show (perhaps more food vans next time as all were sold out by 2pm!)  as well as everyone who came to see us on the stand.

Peace out



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