No Smoke No Poke


21st November 2012 | BY NSNP

Honda are set to introduce a new teeny tiny, high performance diesel engine to their “Earth Dreams Technology” series (Yeah we know…).

The 1.6L unit will chug away under the bonnet of the new Civic in 2013, kicking out 120PS and 300NM. Boasting an all aluminium (alooo-minum for our American friends) block and cylinder head, the i-DTEC wins the award for lightest in class, weighing in at 170kg - 47kg less than the 2.2L i-DTEC unit already offered. Friction has also been significantly reduced in an effort to increase efficiency and improve reliability.

All those fancy press released stats are good to know, but lets be honest here - we wouldn’t be being true to ourselves if we didn’t let our minds do a bit of wandering when new tech is announced. So how does this sound…A stripped out Honda CR-Z (Similar to Eibach’s) with a fettled 1.6 DTEC engine swap. We reckon without the heavy battery cells and other related gubbins you could get the CR-Z down to under 1,000kg. Turn the dials up on the 1.6 a little…et voila! Our latest project for when we’re multi millionaires.


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