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FEATURED: Tommy Searle’s STaSIS tuned Audi A5

7th February 2013 | BY NSNP

For those of you not clued up with world motocross superstars, Tommy Searle is one of them. He rides for Monster Energy Kawasaki and last year was runner up in the MX-GP2 class having finished 13 of 16 races on the podium.

But when he’s not ripping around on his dirt bike he’s rolling coal in his Audi A5, which has recently been fettled by STaSIS and Revo at their HQ in Daventry.

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Since their merge back in March last year Revo and STaSIS have been working on performance packages for various Audi marques and what you see here is the STaSIS European Motorsport Package. The back story on how “SRG” (STaSIS / Revo Group) became involved in modifying Tommy’s stock A5 Coupe is straight forward enough. As well as tuning cars, Revo are also involved in motocross and their Revo, Talon Kawasaki MX team members are friends of Tommy’s - as soon as they found out he was in to his cars, they pointed him in the direction of SRG and the rest is history.

The brief from Tommy had been fairly loose which allowed for artistic license when it came to the overhaul. The one caveat was that the ride height couldn’t be too low as Tommy would need to drive down dirt roads to access some of the motocross tracks. So he couldn’t be seen bottoming out in every divot and pot hole along the way - the man has a serious reputation to maintain. This has been taken care of with Eibach Pro Kit springs which give the car a slightly more aggressive stance without putting the sump at risk and sacrificing the standard ride quality. The rear anti-roll bar has also been uprated with one from Eibach to stiffen up the back end to reduce understeer.

The black strip and shopping list along the sills are a point of contention within the ranks at SRG, some say yay others say nay. We’d be interested to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

The standard alloys have been replaced by a set of black STaSIS FD11 20″ forged rims wrapped in the finest Dunlop rubber. When we asked about the weight difference, we were assured that even though the wheels are bigger than stock, the weight remained similar because forged wheels are lighter than cast.

(Poorly) attempting to hide under the front wheels are the STaSIS Mono6 calipers and enormous 390mm 2-piece floating rotors. The rears have been upscaled too with standard Audi OEM parts.

Being such a great looking car out of the box, the guys at STaSIS didn’t have to make many changes to the styling of the A5. Subtle tweaks such as the Black Edition front grille really set the looks off a treat in cahoots with the black wheels.

Performance wise, it wouldn’t be right for the A5 to be all show and no go, so a custom remap boosts the 2.0l TDI up to 210bhp and 320lbft. Having been out for a test drive in the car, we’d say that whilst it’s no slouch we would ideally like to see a little more power squeezed from this competent engine. If you’ve got a car that shouts “look at me” as much as this one, we can’t help but think it should be able to deliver the goods in terms of performance. We put this to the guys at Revo and while they agreed that there was a lot more to be had from these diesel engines, their aim here was to make the car drive as it should have done on leaving the factory - which they absolutely have.

A Milltek S5 style cat back exhaust has livened up the exhaust note a little too, without being obnoxious and poking out from the S5 bumper the quad tips finish off the rear end a treat.

The leather interior remains standard with the usual S-Line goodies and we’re glad it’s been left alone. The inside of these new Audis really are beautifully finished and everything feels well put together.

We are mightily impressed with Tommy’s A5 and while the ‘in-your-face’ looks may not appeal to everyone, the compliance and real world driveability can be appreciated by all. It’s nice to see STaSIS working together with brands such as Milltek and Eibach to provide a complete solution that improves not just the looks, but also the handling and performance of the car too.

Since we shot these photographs the black stripe has been removed and replaced with a more subtle STaSIS graphic - a wise choice we think!

The car was delivered to Tommy at the LG Arena this weekend and we’re told he’s over the moon with the transformation. We’ll be catching up with him soon to have a chat and see how he’s getting on and maybe even get him to do some jumps over it with explosions and fire…because you’d all enjoy that - right?

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