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FEATURED: Tuned Seat Ibiza Cupra TDI makes 350BHP!

3rd February 2013 | BY NSNP

Danny Brooks’ Seat Ibiza is gaining some notoriety in the tuned diesel scene. Having seen it first hand run 13 seconds at Santa Pod as well as the dyno prints that back it up, we decided to delve a little deeper into what makes this banana split. Hit the jump for more pics and the full tech spec.

At the heart of the impressive figures is a GTB2260VKLR turbo. This is the latest revision of the Garret GTB series and features ceramic roller bearings and the option of water cooling (although not used in this instance). Other touches include a custom intercooler and pipework, inlet from a VW Passat, EGR delete and a full 3″ exhaust system. Ordinarily you could buy this as a complete kit from Darkside Developements that would only require a weekends fitting, unfortunatley for Danny even if he had bought it all as a turn key package, he’d still have to weld the whole lot up at work!

The 1.9 8v PD160 engine is still running on it’s original internals with only the cam recently being replaced with a performance item to improve the breathing. The jungle juice is provided courtesy of a set of PD Injectors with Firad +120% Nozzles, a paper cone filter has been fitted where the battery used to be (now in the boot) and it’s all topped off with a full 3″ exhaust.

You can see this is no race track prima donna, we prefer our cars daily driven.

Mapping and dyno time have also all been done at Darkside, as it stands at the moment crank output is at 308bhp & 455Ft/Lbs, when a healthy shot of  nitrous oxide is added into the equation we see those figure jump to 352bhp & 485Ft/Lbs. They don’t call it laughing gas for nothing you know!

Hauling such a rapid machine requires an investment in brakes, 312mm AP 4 Pots on the front to be precise with a set of 256mm vented discs on the rear. The Cupra 17″ wheels really set the car off, giving just enough hint of the menace hidden under the bonnet.


Other subtle but important mods include a Fabia vRS Long Ratio 6 Speed Gearbox that gives about 1800rpm at 70Mph, perfect for hooking top and just cruising on the motorway. Coupled to the gearbox is a Darkside Prototype Single Mass Flywheel and Clutch and a Peloquin Limited Slip Differential to try and keep wheel spin under control.

So far the best time down the strip at Santa Pod is 13.2 but we’re told that we should see 12 seconds some time this year.

You’ll agree that the spec list on this car is pretty impressive and rightly so, only through Danny’s mad fabrication skills and the time invested by Darkside Developments would part like these be available. With 350 horses on tap packaged in a daily driven motor, we cant wait to see how long it’ll take before the boys up north come up with something that breaks the 400hp mark. Keep watching this space!

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