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VIDEO: Worlds Fastest Diesel drag truck - Banks Sidewinder S-10

25th February 2013 | BY NSNP

The Banks Sidewinder S-10 is the fastest diesel drag truck in the world and with a  6.2 litre Duramax V8 twin turbo under the bonnet pumping out 1320bhp, you’d hope it was too. Gale Banks is the owner and he not only impresses us for creating this sub 8 second truck, but also for how high he’s managed to get his trousers - that must be for a bet, surely?

Apart from it being a great way to spend a weekend, Gale runs this truck as a research and development tool in the quest for ever more fuel efficient engine technology. He works closely with the US Army and Intelligence Services to develop engines and vehicles which go further, quicker and on less fuel.

The Sidewinder S-10 has some really interesting features, such as the chiller box in the back that’s filled with ice before each run to cool the transmission fluid. Despite running three times it’s stock power, the Duramax V8  is running the standard block and aluminium head that it rolled out of the factory with. It’ll rev to 5800rpm and is kept in check with a 6000rpm rev limiter, although Gale says he wishes now he’d set that ceiling a smidge higher as he’s confident they could push those RPMs a little more. As it stands though shifting up through the manual clutchless 5 speed box happens at 4800rpm.

The fuel tank is only 1 US gallon and will do 12 runs up the strip, equating to around 3.6mpg (European). That may seem pretty thirsty, but when you consider the top fuel dragsters are getting through 12 gallons per run or .05 mpg (!) you can begin to see the appeal of a diesel dragster.

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“Diesel’s are the future” - Jay Leno.

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