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Back Smoke Racing: Getting it Done!

3rd March 2013 | BY NSNP

The past couple of weeks have seen the Black Smoke Racing team leap forwards with progress on their all new 2013 drift car. The long days and late nights seem to be paying off as the Mercedes W203 Estate is beginning to look like a real race car.  Hit the jump for more pictures and a run down on the progress so far.

We like to see Teemu getting stuck in with the fabrication of the roll cage. It has got to help keep a drifter on the straight and narrow (and out of the tyre wall) when you know first hand how much work it takes to rebuild a car like this.

This is the look of a man, a man with and angle grinder, a man who you do not fuck with

Here you can the main hoops are in and the door  bars are just being started.


Rear cross bracing all in.

Should stiffen the whole shell up a bit as well as keeping the roof from getting friendly with your brains  should the worst happen.

The coffee cup is the clue as to how these guys are able to build so fast!

Red top battery going in.

The down pipe and waste gate plumbing are just one of hundred of components that have had to be custom fabricated for this build.

The SSp logo stands for Sundfors Special parts. Sebastian Sundfors is the man with the tig skills and has made a lot of the special parts needed.

Radiator shroud waiting to be fitted in the boot.

The fire wall getting sealed up, notice the engine is back out now in preparation for the body work.

Emil cleaning out the interior ready for some paint.

Paint mixed up and ready to go, we’re glad to see they’re sticking with the colour from previous years.

And the first coat going on.


What do you know? Teemu can paint too!

Nothing quite says “race car” like a freshly laid coat of paint on your freshly fitted roll cage.

An all new front end has been fitted courtesy of MB Specialists  and is awaiting paint along with a set of projector head lights.

We cant wait to see this thing ready to race and at the rate the team is forging on it wont be long before the first of the testing videos pop up. Is it just us or is any one else tempted to pick up a big German estate and start tuning?


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