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NEWS: VW Up to get XL1 Hybrid Engine

10th March 2013 | BY NSNP

VW have unveiled plans to fit the hybrid drive train from the super high tech XL1 to their smallest (and cheapest) model on the market, the UP! Hit the jump for more details

As you can see from the cad drawings above, shoe horning a whole new power plant into the diminutive engine bay has taken some thinking. We’d bet there’s not even room for a fag paper in there, luckily you’ll never have to worry about changing spark plugs since the half of the motive power is provided by an 800cc, 2 cylinder diesel (a cut down 1.6Tdi).

The electric side is comromised of a super thin, 3 phase motor, sandwiched between the engine and the clutch. When under speeds of 60Mph the motor does the heavy lifting, with the diesel only being started when the battery becomes depleted, or an extra burst of speed is needed.

The power output from both electric motor and diesel engine are restricted to preserve the super light weight 7 speed magnesium gearbox from emptying it’s contents all over the road. Which would be most embarrassing when one is involved in a traffic light grand prix.

Vw predict production to begin in around 18 months time, but have yet to announce  a price band. We predict it’s likely to cost as much as a large saloon so owning one is more likely to become a statement of being green, rather than a money saving exercise. Consumption figures are expected to by around the 100 Mpg mark, based on what has been seen in the lighter XL1.

Right now the Up! is one of the best looking super minis on the market and we’re glad to see a major manufacturer taking technologies premiered in a  concept car less than a few year ago and making them available to the mass market. As far as we’re concerned, it’s exactly how to build new cars.




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