No Smoke No Poke

500bhp Mercedes Turbo Diesel Drift Car - Can only be Black Smoke Racing!

22nd April 2013 | BY NSNP

Last week we reported on Black Smoke Racing’s progress with their new Mercedes W203 diesel drift car and judging by this video it seems that the teething problems they were suffering with have been sorted. After a bit of testing the wagon was strapped to the dyno where it made a healthy 500bhp and enough torque to spin the earth back on it’s axis. They aren’t stopping at that though as the current bottleneck is the exhaust side of the turbo meaning dangerously high exhaust pressure…nothing a bigger turbo won’t fix! Once that’s swapped out the Fins say 600bhp won’t be an unrealistic goal.

Hit the jump for the video and the sorriest excuse for an exhaust gas extractor we’ve ever seen!

That noise…that noise!!!

What do you make of the new BSR Mercedes? Hit us up with your thoughts in the comments below.

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