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Crazy TDI drag racing - 11.9 second 1/4 mile from a 1.9TDI

16th April 2013 | BY NSNP

Photograph courtesy of Carl Anthony Pickersgill

This weekend Darkside Developments descended on Santa Pod drag strip and ran their twin turbo MK4 Golf TDI 4motion and big turbo Ibiza TDI. The results were both staggering and a little surprising, with the Ibiza taking the spotlight and posting a sub 12 second 1/4 mile whilst the 4motion ‘only’ managed a mid 12.

Hit the jump for the video of each run…

Photograph courtesy of Carl Anthony Pickersgill

We’ve been keen to see the 4motion in action since we first laid eyes on it at Darkside HQ last year. Boasting a compound turbo set up comprising of a GTB17  followed by an enormous Holset HX35w, we were expecting time-warping figures. We witnessed first hand how their old 300+bhp Jetta put down the power through the front wheels, so with over 400bhp and 4wd the Golf should be a whole different animal.

But unfortunately due to lifting the head whilst testing on the dyno before having fitted the uprated studs, the 4mo wasn’t running 100%. Couple that with missing 3rd gear during the run and the lads had to settle for a respectable 12.46 1/4.

The star of the show was fabricator Danny’s ‘subtle’ yellow TDI (which we featured a while ago) picking up awards for both Fastest Diesel and Fastest Seat. We bet there was a few p*ssed off looking Leon Cupra R owners there that afternoon!

Danny’s Ibiza has a GTB2566VK with a custom billet wheel, race cams, 120% injectors, straight through exhaust and most impressively a stock head. It makes 343bhp in standard trim and 398 with a squirt of NOS with torque figures of 430lbft and 555lbft(!) respectively. As you can imagine, the clutch takes a real pounding and during his runs Danny suffered with some clutch slip which ultimately stopped him from pushing any harder.

It’s great to see the diesels starting to get noticed at events like this and by the looks of things both of these cars have more to give. The 4motion is getting a new engine with even more crazy upgrades and the Ibiza is having a stronger clutch fitted, so expect to see both cars running 11′s next time.



Here’s a compilation video of the Ibiza runs during the day:

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