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VIDEO: First test run for the new Black Smoke Racing Mercedes diesel drift car

11th April 2013 | BY NSNP

Having spent the winter locked away in their workshop building their next diesel drift car, Teemu and the Black Smoke Racing team finally managed to get out for a test drive on Monday evening.

Their new Mercedes W203 wagon certainly looks a lot different to the iconic wooden panelled W123 they raced last season. With its two tone paint job and slick sponsors livery, the new diesel drifter definitely looks the part of a professional race car, which isn’t something we could say about the W123.

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It’s hard to say which we prefer though, the old car was the automotive equivalent of a middle finger held aloft each time it went sideways and billowed  plumes of black and white smoke. But this new car looks like it could be the way to win over the hearts and minds of the diesel nay-sayers, dropping their guards because of it’s playful Mercedes wagon form factor and then catching them with a solid right hook once they see it sideways.

We were hoping to see the BSR team in action at the first round of the British Drift Championship at Lydden Hill this weekend, but after the test run on Monday night it seems like there’s still a few gremlins to sort out before they’ll be competing. Loose hoses, open valves, closed switches were all expected issues that they’d dealt with last year and were quickly rectified. But having the gearbox go crazy and then the engine sticking at high RPM wasn’t what they’d hoped for. The gearbox was down to a loose connection to the LCD display that displays which gear it’s in and the stuck engine was thanks to a broken fuel pump. Both issues were resolved, but having to go back to using the old fuel pump wasn’t ideal and so Teemu called it a day and it’s back to the workshop for now.

We hope that all will be resolved quickly and that we’ll get a chance to catch up with the guys form round 2 of the BDC at Pembrey Circuit on the 8-9th June.

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