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1.9 TDI Tuning - Mufflerectomy, Air filter and Remap with Dyno Results

15th May 2013 | BY Adam

PD Engine tuning

There’s a lot of discussion about tuning options for the 1.9 TDI PD engine and whilst this video only scratches the surface, hopefully it’ll be useful to those looking for a bit more power.

Hit the jump for our video showing the three most common tuning methods, with dyno proven results showing what works and what doesn’t…

1) Air Filter
Our results show that the standard paper air filter and air box set up on these engines isn’t a limiting factor on power gains up to the circa 200bhp we see here.

Since this video, we’ve had further work done to the car and it’s now running a GBT1756v turbo, custom downpipe, Milltek de-cat non-resonated exhaust, hard pipes, an S3 intercooler and a Darkside remap. Even at the new ~225bhp power output, it’s still running the stock airbox and paper filter and no gains are to be had from a high flow filter at this power level.

We’ve seen cars running over 300bhp on the stock airbox set up too. If you value your turbo vanes, we’d recommend sticking an OEM paper filter.

2) Exhaust
The video also shows that simply removing the stock back box (or muffler) and replacing it with a 2.25″ straight pipe we see dyno proven power gains of 7bhp and 10lbft in our back to back runs. As well as “free” power, another benefit of this is that you can also chose what style tip you’d like to run, with hundreds of shapes and sizes online. Search: Exhaust tips.

If you’re interested in how a mufflerectomy sounds, check out this video here:

3) Remapping the ECU
Finally a remap took the car up to 195bhp - remapping is a bit of a minefield with companies bad mouthing the quality of others’ maps left right and centre.
The best advice we can give is to go on personal recommendation, based on real world experience of cars running that companies software.

An aggressive tune can leave your standard clutch or turbo laying in pieces within a matter of months, others can leave you with less power than is safely achievable. Speak to others and see who’s been running what software and for how long, how has the reliability been and do they have before and after dyno results?

Any Tom, Dick or Harry can pick up a laptop and call themselves a mapper, so make sure you pick the right company for you.

If you’ve got any more TDI tuning questions, head over to the NSNP Forum and ask our members there.

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