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#SidewaysFridays: Mad Mike Conquers The Crown (With Behind the Scenes video)

10th May 2013 | BY Adam

Conquer The Crown

Mad Mike’s latest RedBull film, Conquer The Crown is nothing short of spectacular.
In the video Mike drifts his 513bhp ‘Madbul’ Mazda FD RX7 through the Crown Range in New Zealand - a 10km, 47 corner stretch of immaculate tarmac.

Hit the jump for the video, plus a behind the scenes look at how they shot the film…

In an interview with RedBull, Mike recalls how he prepared for the run:

“I filmed a pass from the passenger seat of our rental car earlier in the year and just studied that. We got into Queenstown also a few days before the project so we drove it again and again to try memorise all the corners so I could hit it with maximum attack from the first pass.”

Mike’s ‘MADBUL’ RX7  is the antithesis of our beloved diesels, creating minimal torque and needing to be driven absolutely flat out to break traction.

The car is so fast in fact, that on the quick sections (with blind crests no less) he was hitting speeds of 144mph and actually out dragging the film helicopter above. Commenting on the purpose of the video, Mike hints at the possibility of having a crack at Pikes Peak next year:

“I would love to compete at Pikes Peak. Maybe next year we could make that happen, to prove to people that drift cars are fast. Rhys Millen broke the Pikes Peak record last year in his drift car.”

That’s something we’d certainly be interested in seeing, as if Pikes Peak isn’t entertaining enough, lets see Mike slide his way up the hill licking flames and deafening spectators!

Check out the behind the scenes video below to see how this spectacle was all brought together for your viewing pleasure.