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So Low - Joshua Joyce’s Mk1 Golf TDI

21st May 2013 | BY NSNP

Normally at the begining of a blog post we’d write a paragraph known as “The Hook”. The hook givies a brief description of the car we’re featuring, plus a juicy hint of how awesome it is, all in the hope that we’ve got your attention and you’ll carry on reading. Today that’s not going to happen. Instead there will be only the following words; Lowered, Decked, Slammed, Dumped and Stanced. Hit the jump to see how “this lower than a snake’s belly” Mk1 Golf came to be.

Joshua Joyce is the driving force behind Village Customs and the owner/fabricator of this impressively low, green Mk1 Golf Tdi. It started life as a cheap run around, bought to take the abuse of  being parked in ship yard that would have cars regularly broken into. After a few months of daily duties it became obvious to Josh that he was spending more time in his beater VW that in his very custom and very low Ford F150. It didn’t take long before the pickup was sold and a 1.9Tdi with a 5 speed box was shipped over from Germany. A set of coilovers were also thrown into the mix, but we don’t have to tell you that they stayed on for much time either!

Over a beer fueled evening it was decided that the conventional means of dropping a Golf on it’s arse weren’t going to cut it. Fast forward just 3 weeks later and the body had been dropped four inches over the floor pan. The front struts were fixed higher up and the rear arches were tubbed to make room for the 15″ P Slot wheels. The icing on the cake is that the car run on full air suspension and appears to run on beer (much like Josh!).  As a bonus once the bumpers came off it became small enough to park where most yank tanks couldn’t even dream of. A good space at work was almost guaranteed!

What with every spare inch of space under the car now gone there were still a few issues to overcome, like where the hell was the exhaust going to go? Luckily there was a way round this, and like the rest of the car the solution was unconventional. We definitely think more companies should think about offering a “through the wing” option

“I daily drove it for almost 2 years, and people seem to love the car! I really just built it to drive it. I never once thought people would think it was cool haha! I actually felt like a nerd driving it for a while….. But at almost 70mpg, i didnt care.” The home made roof rack makes this car even more practical and has been put to good use carrying the odd engine and gearbox to and from his workshop.

A removable iPad for music means that there’s never any chance of someone breaking in to steal the radio, hopefully the chances of someone trying to steel the car have dropped now as well, given that it’s such a recognisable machine. We love innovation and originality, and this little green TDI Golf has got it in spades.

Check out the Golf, plus more of Village Customs’ cars, trucks and ‘rods in this video:

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