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Audi’s first diesel S model, the SQ5 gets some ABT loving

7th August 2013 | BY Adam

It goes without saying that our souls sung when we heard Audi had released their first diesel ‘S’ model and whilst we may have hoped for another sporty saloon or a mental 3.0l TDI A1, the news that it would be a Q5 wasn’t terrible. After all a car weighing in at almost 2 tonnes needs plenty of grunt to get it moving and so the big V6 diesel power plant would be well suited. The stats were good too, 313bhp and 479ftlb straight from the box which for most people would be plenty.

But given our experience of TDI tuning, those starting figures meant that realistically with a bit of after market fettling, it wouldn’t be long before we’d see tuners easily making another 50-or-so-bhp and a dollop of extra torque. Never ones to disappoint, ABT have had a crack at it.

Hit the jump for the photos, facts and figures.

After market tuning from the larger brands like ABT on high end vehicles tends to be fairly formulaic; software, body styling, springs, wheels, interior trim, done.
But in this instance ABT have used their own ‘ABT Power S’ turbo in conjunction with software tuning in the search for more power.  The result is a claimed power output of 355bhp & 516lbft which is a healthy improvement over stock. Whilst we know smaller tuners out there leveraging much more power from these engines, ABT offer a 100,000 mile warranty on all of their parts so you know that those figures can be run all day every day without fear of blown turbos or worn injectors.

They’re also offering an aggressive wide-body kit which certainly toughens up the look of the ‘soccer mom’ SUV. Coupled with a choice of any of the ABT alloy wheels, big brakes and lowered suspension we’re very impressed with the overall package on offer.

Performance figures haven’t been released yet, but expect the ABT SQ5 to knock a few tenths off the standard 5.1 seconds 0-60 and it’s highly likely that the 155mph limiter gets ‘lost’ somewhere in the software update. There’s been a lot of hype and appreciation for the new Range Rover Sport, but if we were in the market for a performance orientated SUV we know where our money would be going now…

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