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How to build a street legal diesel drift car on a budget

14th January 2014 | BY Adam

As a kid my bedroom walls were plastered in posters of iconic 80′s and 90′s sports cars (and a couple of rudie Max Power girls). I used to lay on my bed and dream of one day owning a Lamborghini or Ferrari - that was where I’d find my automotive nirvana, behind the wheel of such exotica.

But as you grow older, you realise that life’s path isn’t all that likely to lead you in to an expensive Italian super car dealership with a suitcase of twenties. Instead, it’s more likely that it’ll take you to a back street garage in Birmingham where you’ll part with £700 and walk away with a 1997 134,000 mile Mercedes W202 C250 turbo diesel. Who’s 5 cylinder engine channels the excitement and raw power of the Group B Audi Quattro you lusted after all those years ago (if you listen really, really carefully).

Take my word for that, it’s true. It happened to me last month.

But whilst a lesser man may have cried in to his walnut dash and blue velour interior as he drove his Benz home, I did not. For I knew that what I’d just bought for £700 was something special, a car which was held in high regard by the Nordic Gods of Drift and one which had great potential lurking beneath it’s crispy exterior.

Hit the jump to find out how this £700 luxo-barge can become a street legal, drift sleeper for not a lot of money…

Our pals at Black Smoke Racing have been busy this winter putting together a new video series on building a budget diesel drifter, and if anybody knows how to get a Mercedes sideways it’s Teemu & Co.

In the first episode, they hunt down the car and give us a taste of what’s to come, which seems to be a lot of uncertainty, angle grinding and dry humour.

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