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2014 NSNP Diesel Dyno Day at Monster Tuning

24th April 2014 | BY Adam

This bank holiday weekend we held our annual diesel dyno day at Monster Tuning in Telford. With a varied mix of cars signed up and good weather promised, we packed the BBQ and food and headed off early to get set up before the first runners arrived.

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In true British bank holiday style, the weather wasn’t as splendid as we’d expected but nevertheless by the time we arrived there were already a handful of diesel heads ready and waiting for their shot at the new Maha Dyno Monster have installed.

Before NSNP and TDOC merged, our members were very heavily VAG biased whilst TDOC had a strong Peugeot contingent. So it was nice to see all makes and models turning up with the owners poking around each others cars for the first time. One of our main goals here at NSNP has always been to build an inclusive community which isn’t specific to any one make or model and we hope to see that range of diesels turning up at our events growing month by month. To see a 5 litre Cummins powered Dodge truck parked up next to a 1.9 TDI Polo would be brilliant.

At the weekend though, we had to ‘make do’ with Monster’s Discovery and a murdered out 3 series…

Once pleasantries had been exchanged we got the first cars on the rollers and started getting some figures.

We’re all aware of dynos giving different power figures, so we were interested to see how the Maha stacked up. Before this stock Octavia VRS ran, we chatted with the owner to see what power figures he was expecting to see. Most of these VRS make more than their book figure of 170bhp, typically around the 185 mark and this one made 186bhp, so it seemed like the dyno was playing fair.

If you’ve not been to one of these dyno days before, they’re a great opportunity to watch some cars make some smoke and have a chin wag with other diesel heads.


Everybody loves a good graph and there was plenty of nerding out over figures and statistics.

At lunch time we got the BBQ fired up (with a bit of help from a de-icer flame thrower).

Talking of being an inclusive community, we even let this petrol powered tin can have a run between the dervs:

The NSNP Benz was due up after lunch, but after spending all morning trying to fix a boost issue we decided it was safer not to put her on the rollers. It’s a shame as it would have been nice to hear the 5 cylinder, straight pipe burble inside the unit.

There were prizes up for grabs on the day for ‘Biggest BHP’, ‘Most Torque’ and ‘Crowd Pleaser’. Last year the crowd pleaser was undeniably this ridiculous 306 running on veg oil.

This year however, it was Jamie Kilner’s MK5 Golf TDI who took not one, not two, but all three prizes. Since we saw it last year Jamie has fettled the map a little more and added water meth and considering it made over 300bhp on the RS Tuning rollers we were excited to see the difference. The water meth and boost Gods were not in Jamie’s favour though and on the third run he blew the meth nozzle clean out of the pipework. Whilst most people would have been sh*tting themselves at the sudden hiss of pressurized air, Jamie gave us a shrug and went over to inspect the damage.

As it turns out this cloud did have a silver lining and by ejecting the nozzle, Jamie could see that it had in fact not been working anyway. So his final power figure was 291bhp, which is still plenty in our book.

As you can see there was enough fuel in there for well over 300bhp, so much so that it took half an hour for the smoke to clear from the workshop - needless to say Rik at Monster is investing in an extractor…

Once we’d wrapped up at the dyno day we headed over to Coventry for our first #DervPerv meet at the Ricoh Arena.

Once again we had a great mix of cars, from this beautiful Jaguar XF S to these lary, custom painted MG’s.

By ten o’clock it was time to call it a day having certainly had our daily dosage of diesels. Thanks to all who showed up and we look forward to seeing more of you at the next events.

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