No Smoke No Poke

Watch this Arosa TDI slay a 1200bhp GTR and a Chevelle Pro ET drag car at Santa Pod

25th May 2014 | BY Adam

When Vin Diesel asked Paul Walker for a ‘ten second car’ in first the Fast and Furious movie, the last thing he’d have expected Walker to come back with is a Seat Arosa TDI.

But that’s exactly what this dinky derv is…and it’s slaying super cars in comical fashion. Hit the jump to see it in action.

The Arosa belongs to Barnsley based diesel tuners Darkside Developments and the current spec is somewhat impressive.

It’s had a 2.0 16v BKD PD140 engine conversion with a monster GTB2566VK turbo (due to be replaced soon by something even bigger), uprated front mounted intercooler, bigger nozzles, Rosten H- Beam rods, bespoke exhaust system and custom software tuning…oh and NOS. Combined, those goodies give this former grocery getter 364bhp and 500lbft without nitrous and 409bhp with 590lbft (!) with nitrous.

0-60 comes in 3 seconds and 100mph in just under six. The best quarter mile time they’ve achieved is 10.34 seconds with a terminal speed of 136.86mph, (that’s only 10mph slower than a Bugatti Veyron).

On their Facebook page Darkside say they’re positive they’ll make it to sub ten seconds, which I’m sure you’ll agree is absolutely mental.

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