No Smoke No Poke

Guy stops wild police chase by ramming the fleeing crim with his lifted truck. Guess who came off worse?

30th June 2014 | BY Adam

Series of crazy events unfolded in Syracuse, Utah when a 14 year old boy stole his Grandfather’s car and took off on a joy ride around the neighborhood.

Luckily, father and lifted truck owner Bryson Rowley caught wind of the police chase and saw the danger the local kids were being put in and took matters in to his own hands.
As the Hyundai Veloster came screaming round the corner, Rowley was there waiting and ploughed his Dodge Ram head first in to the car (whilst rolling some coal!), bringing the chase to a swift stop.

Hit the jump for the crazy video and shots of the damage to both vehicles…place your bets as to which one came off worse!


Due to this heroic and selfless act from Rowley, a local garage offered to fix the damage to his truck for free…although going by these pictures, it looks like a quick splash of T-Cut would sort most of it.

Bryson - we salute you sir, well done.