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Drop(ped) Dead Gorgeous - Nicola’s bagged MK2 Seat Leon TDI

9th February 2015 | BY Adam

It never gets old, the hiss of air being purged from the lines of a car on bags as it hunkers down in to it’s stance. I found myself with the usual silly grin on my face as Nicola parked up her ever-so-shiny bagged Seat Leon ready for our shoot and dropped it to the floor.

The fitment is bang on, with the rear wheel arches just kissing the polished lips of the staggered 18″ O.Z. Pegasus wheels, which have been treated to a winters day out on the car for the shoot.

There’s no overlooking the fact that this car belongs to a girl, from the pink tinted fogs to the even pinker interior accent trim and wheel centres. Usually I’d not be a fan of such garish accents, but against the understated silver bodywork and gloss black trim the combination works well.

Bought as a standard 2.0l TDI with the optional BTCC bodykit, the Leon started it’s groundward journey with a set of FK coilovers. Nicola came to own the Leon after swapping it for her Focus ST, which was too thirsty to live with as a daily and she admits that at first she didn’t think she’d enjoy owning a diesel.

“I thought I was going to miss the sound of the ST, but one evening at a local meet a friend turned up in another MK2 Leon with straight pipes and as he floored it away I thought it sounded awesome and knew I had to have mine done.”

So the Leon was handed over to A14 Tyres and Exhausts in Bury St Edmonds and now boasts a turbo back straight through system.

After two months on the coilovers the need for ‘more lows’ was too great and when an Accuair/Airlift kit came up for sale at the right price, the deed was done.

The beauty of bagged cars is that they require very little else to finish off the look and apart from the wheels and bodykit Nicola’s Leon has remained largely unchanged. The same can’t be said for the wheels however and the car has rolled on 0.01 3SDM’s, VSP Type2s which also happened to be the first set in the UK and (for) now the O.Zs.

Sporting a pair of very ripped jeans, I think it’s safe to say Nicola has updated her wheels more in the last 12 months than her wardrobe…

In terms of power, the Leon has been remapped but nothing more - although Nicola did say she’d be interested in squeezing a little more power from the 2.0l PD lump.

Inside the cabin the first owner replaced the stock seats (and wheel) with full FR leather, which has since been re-trimmed with pink inserts by Lavish Automotive. The dash is flocked and Nicola’s ICE is controlled via a Veyron headunit.

There’s no future mods planned just yet, but I dare say we’ll see things change up again soon - even if it is just a new set of wheels…