No Smoke No Poke


The question asked most often is, “Why No Smoke, No Poke?”.

Well because it’s a phrase that has been floating around diesel forums since the internet began and one that we’ve adopted with a tip of the hat to its comic value. Not all diesels smoke, even ones that have poke…but we like how it sounds and we’re sticking with it.

The automotive industry is heavily dominated by petrol powered vehicles, but the tides are beginning to turn and people are starting to notice the potential of diesel engines not just in daily cars, but race cars too.

NSNP is the platform that allows us to feature those that are blazing their own diesel fuelled trail and share their cars, projects, groundbreaking new tech, thoughts and opinions. It’s also an excuse to post beautiful photographs and bad ass videos that you can flick through in your lunch break.

There’s a well known cliché: “Run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts” and it’s alive and well here.


We are an inclusive community, not exclusive.

We aim to take care of each other and promote unity.

There will be social events, track days, BBQ’s, meet ups and theme park trips.

The community will lend a hand, or spanner, or both should another member need assistance.

You will repay other that helped you with kindness, spanner time or beer.

This is not a Diesel vs Petrol website. See Inclusive Community.