No Smoke No Poke

Pikes Peak race truck drifts its way round a shipping yard filled with babes who definitely don’t work there…

17th November 2014 | BY Adam

truck drift

Watch stunt driver and big rig drift specialist Mike Ryan throw his 2000 horsepower Pikes Peak truck around a shipping yard. We’d hazard a guess that some of the ‘workers’ in this video may have been hired in for the shoot…but hey, we’re not complaining.

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Budget Turbodiesel Daily Driver – Episode 6 - OM605 Fuel Pump Tuning

3rd March 2014 | BY Adam

In this episode, the Black Smoke Racing guys go to Diesel Landia to have their Mercedes OM605 fuel pump tuned by Finnish tractor pulling legend, Pekka Herlevi.
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Budget Turbodiesel Daily Driver – BONUS EPISODE - Bäck in Härmä

25th February 2014 | BY Adam

Taking a break from building the budget turbo diesel engine, Teemu and the team take a trip to Härmä to pick up the block for the Black Smoke Racing Mercedes drifter.

Their builder, Vesa Kivimäki, is a diesel mad scientist with a coumpound charged 1200bhp Duramax powered daily driven truck (with obligatory flame paint job). He also has a 2,000bhp space frame monster truck which has so much power it requires a special box to keep your foot in place on the accelerator…
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Budget Turbodiesel Daily Driver – Episode 5

12th February 2014 | BY Adam



In this episode from Black Smoke Racing, they show us once again how to build a Mercedes turbodiesel engine on a gritty workshop floor…
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Budget Turbodiesel Daily Driver - Episode 3

3rd February 2014 | BY NSNP


In the latest episode of Black Smoke Racing’s YouTube series the time has come to start sorting the heart of the car out. This inevitably requires some precision and a well trained eye, needless to say to say the welder and hammer weren’t going to cut it. Hit the jump to watch Ville the tame machinist turn a bucket of bits into a cylinder head fit to drift.
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Budget Turbodiesel Daily Driver - Episode 2

21st January 2014 | BY Adam

If you missed the first episode last week, the Black Smoke Racing team have a new YouTube series following their progress building a budget turbo diesel ‘daily driver’ (read: drift car). 
In episode two, they’re on to bodywork and engine removal which ironically is done using the same tools - a big hammer and an angle grinder.

Hit the jump to see Finnish precision engineering at its best…
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How to build a street legal diesel drift car on a budget

14th January 2014 | BY Adam

As a kid my bedroom walls were plastered in posters of iconic 80’s and 90’s sports cars (and a couple of rudie Max Power girls). I used to lay on my bed and dream of one day owning a Lamborghini or Ferrari - that was where I’d find my automotive nirvana, behind the wheel of such exotica.

But as you grow older, you realise that life’s path isn’t all that likely to lead you in to an expensive Italian super car dealership with a suitcase of twenties. Instead, it’s more likely that it’ll take you to a back street garage in Birmingham where you’ll part with £700 and walk away with a 1997 134,000 mile Mercedes W202 C250 turbo diesel. Who’s 5 cylinder engine channels the excitement and raw power of the Group B Audi Quattro you lusted after all those years ago (if you listen really, really carefully).

Take my word for that, it’s true. It happened to me last month.

But whilst a lesser man may have cried in to his walnut dash and blue velour interior as he drove his Benz home, I did not. For I knew that what I’d just bought for £700 was something special, a car which was held in high regard by the Nordic Gods of Drift and one which had great potential lurking beneath it’s crispy exterior.

Hit the jump to find out how this £700 luxo-barge can become a street legal, drift sleeper for not a lot of money…
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#Sideways Fridays: Bring Back the Touge

14th November 2013 | BY NSNP

Somewhere in Norway a film crew, a professional driver, a Toyota Celica and an attractive passenger all came together to make a film just 4 minutes long of the most perfect car porn we’ve ever seen. If it were an advert we’d already own what they were selling. Hit the jump to watch a finely crafted Japanese classic being threaded through the tarmac needle.
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Is Ken Block’s Gymkhana 6 the best one yet?

14th November 2013 | BY Adam

In case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the latest installment in the Gymkhana franchise from professional tyre slayer, Ken Block.
This film is the sixth in the series and arguably the most hyped to date, but is it the best?

Hit the jump to watch and let us know which is your favourite Gymkhana video in the comments…
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Smoke Screen Activate!

7th October 2013 | BY NSNP

A big power diesel Mercedes was always going to go down well here at NSNP, especially one that will out drag most street cars as well as lay down a thick cloud of black and white smoke ideal for evading “ze polizei”.
Hit the jump to see what might be the best getaway car since Bond collected the keys to his Aston.  
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