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Ultimate Dubs 2015 | 100 Photos from the show

16th March 2015 | BY Adam

VW Car Show (24)

Ultimate Dubs kicked off the 2015 show season with a bang on Sunday at the International Centre Telford. With two hour queues to get in, we were expecting it to be bigger and better than previous years and we have to say, we weren’t disappointed.

VW Car Show (22)

Last minute show prep being performed in the tailbacks.

The calibre and variety of cars was a step up from our last visit in 2014 and we were pleased to see a lot more than rows and rows of decked MK5 Golfs on Rotiforms which were seemingly the trend in previous years. This time around there was a great mix of show and go, with bagged caddy vans rubbing shoulders with sub 10 second Sciroccos.

Hit the jump for 99 more photos from the show.
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Mitsubishi Lancer TDI | The thinking mans Evo X

9th March 2015 | BY Adam

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions have earned a reputation as some of the greatest rally cars of all time. As a child I loved smashing it through forest stages in an Evo E4 playing Colin McRae Rally on my Playstation and I always dreamed of one day owning one.

But now I’m older and wiser would I still have an Evo X? Maybe. But I actually think there’s an alternative out there which makes more sense as a daily road car.

Enter Nick’s Lancer TDI Sportback, which at 225bhp and 390lbft doesn’t hang about.

This is the thinking mans Evo X.

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Pretty fly for a TDCI | Tony’s 210bhp Ford Mondeo TDCI

2nd March 2015 | BY Adam

It doesn’t get much more sedentary than a silver Ford Mondeo TDCI estate…or so we thought.

Then we had a message from Tony Mac drop in to our inbox with photos of his 210bhp hybrid turbo wagon, complete with bonnet raisers, straight pipes and RS bumper vents.

Suffice to say our opinions were swiftly changed…
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The Silver Sleeper - Richard’s OEM+ Audi A3 TDI

23rd February 2015 | BY Adam

It’s surprising what a difference even the most subtle styling queues can make on a car. Compare an Audi RS4 and a poverty spec A4 SE for example - they couldn’t be more polarised, but the sum total of the styling parts which make them that way doesn’t amount to all that much. Audi filter these RS inspired styling tweaks down to their mid level models in the form of S-Line trim, enabling customers with a beer budget but Champagne taste to still get a sip of the good stuff.

Somebody who has definitely been sipping the good stuff is NSNP reader Richard Menesse, who’s Audi A3 TDI started life as a base spec SE and has been transformed into an OEM+ beauty.
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Low and not so slow - Jamies VW Jetta TDI conversion

16th February 2015 | BY Adam

We’ve always longed for a classic car with a modern diesel engine under the hood. So when we caught wind of Jamie’s bagged MK1 VW Jetta TDI conversion and it’s adventures at the Nurburgring, we blocked out the diary and packed our bags for a trip to the Aberystwyth seaside.
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Drop(ped) Dead Gorgeous - Nicola’s bagged MK2 Seat Leon TDI

9th February 2015 | BY Adam

It never gets old, the hiss of air being purged from the lines of a car on bags as it hunkers down in to it’s stance. I found myself with the usual silly grin on my face as Nicola parked up her ever-so-shiny bagged Seat Leon ready for our shoot and dropped it to the floor.

The fitment is bang on, with the rear wheel arches just kissing the polished lips of the staggered 18″ O.Z. Pegasus wheels, which have been treated to a winters day out on the car for the shoot.

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All hail the Allroad - some of the best lowered Audi Allroads

24th October 2014 | BY Adam

Audi Allroad

In 1999 Audi introduced the Allroad, a semi-offroad capable version of their A6. It came with a higher ride height than stock, but more importantly a set of wide arches and Audi’s very capable Quattro all wheel drive system. Drop it to the weeds and chuck on a set of well fitted wheels and you’ve got yourself a tough looking wagon.

Hit the jump for some of the finest we’ve found…
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This bagged, widened and ratty as f*ck Powerstroke engined 1947 Chevy pickup is bad ass.

28th July 2014 | BY Adam


It’s been chopped and widened by 9″, the boost is wound up to 42psi and it makes 505bhp and 885lbft torque. Plus it’s on bags, has a train horn in the bed and looks so rad pulling a trailer around…we want one so bad.

Hit the jump for the video.
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Road legal jet fighter - The Volkswagen Aerrow Concept

20th March 2014 | BY Adam

Back in the mid Nineties I remember getting the first Playstation console and one of games it came with was called ‘Wipeout‘. Set in 2052, you zipped about in anti-gravity crafts competing in a futuristic racing series. If you’d asked me then whether we’d be driving anti-gravity craft in fifty years time I’d have laughed at the prospect. But German automotive designer Andreas Blazunaj certainly wouldn’t.

Check out his insane two wheeled, gyro stabilized and TDI powered concept car after the jump…
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Auto Enhance E92 BMW 320D

14th March 2014 | BY Adam

Based in Romford in Essex, Auto Enhance are a one-stop-styling-shop specialising in aftermarket parts for BMW. and they also happen to be the UK dealer for Lumma.

Judging by the line up of cars at their HQ when we arrived, Auto Enhance aren’t scared to make an impression. There was a fully track prepped (but road legal) M3, a Lumma CLR RS and series of fettled BMW’s parked up outside with others being moved between the body shop and spray booth.

But when one of them started up, the Santorini Blue E92 M3 at the end of the row something wasn’t quite right. It was a diesel…

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