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Insane Big Rig sets Pikes Peak record

15th July 2013 | BY NSNP

With Pikes Peak being the big news from the past week or two , we thought it only fitting that the we featured the handful of entrants brave enough to buck the trend and compete with a diesel power plant providing the sound track to their attempts up the mountain. This monster is owned and raced by Mike Ryan, competitive drifter (he uses a semi-truck for that too) and professional stunt car driver (as soon to be seen in the upcoming Fast 7). Not a man interested in the conventional, it was only natural that after a chance meeting last year with Gale Banks (of Banks power fame) would result in one of the most unique and out right nuts entrants from the past few years. Hit the jump for the tech spec and loads of photos from testing at  Irwindale Speedway.
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Revo VW Transporter T5 breaks Nurburgring lap record set by Sabine Schmitz

20th June 2013 | BY Adam

You may remember back in 2009 when Sabine Shmitz set the Nurburgring lap record for a commercial vehicle on an episode of Top Gear. She expertly piloted a standard Ford Transit van around the ring in 10:08 whilst following a Dodge Viper for increased aero. Last week we headed out to the hallowed Grüne Hölle with Revo and their lightly modified Volkswagen Transporter  T5 van to see if they couldn’t shake things up a little…

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So Low - Joshua Joyce’s Mk1 Golf TDI

21st May 2013 | BY NSNP

Normally at the begining of a blog post we’d write a paragraph known as “The Hook”. The hook givies a brief description of the car we’re featuring, plus a juicy hint of how awesome it is, all in the hope that we’ve got your attention and you’ll carry on reading. Today that’s not going to happen. Instead there will be only the following words; Lowered, Decked, Slammed, Dumped and Stanced. Hit the jump to see how “this lower than a snake’s belly” Mk1 Golf came to be.

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100 Pounds of Boost? Now we’re Torquing!

14th May 2013 | BY NSNP

If you’re going to choose to go drag racing in something that weighs nearly 3 tonnes then you’re likely to need horse power, and truck fulls of it. Luckily this is not something Max Kirtley is short of, having taken not one, but two simply huge turbochargers and mounted them in compound to a 6 cylinder Cummins engine. If you need the definition of a car that doesn’t accelerate but spins the world backwards then the “Lil Red Express” would be a good contender. Hit the jump for loads more pictures and a smoke filled video.
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Back Smoke Racing: Getting it Done!

3rd March 2013 | BY NSNP

The past couple of weeks have seen the Black Smoke Racing team leap forwards with progress on their all new 2013 drift car. The long days and late nights seem to be paying off as the Mercedes W203 Estate is beginning to look like a real race car.  Hit the jump for more pictures and a run down on the progress so far.
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THRLL COTM: MK5 Volkswagen Jetta TDI CR140

28th February 2013 | BY NSNP

For those of you that haven’t heard of THRLL, it’s a new social media site for petrol/diesel heads - Basically, it’s Facebook but for your car. We’ve been hanging out on there as a partner for a little while now and watching it grow week on week. One of the cool features is the ability for us to give out “Car of the Month” awards, where we choose one of our favourite cars and give it an interweb-high five. Not only that, but the winner each month will receive a goody bag from us with a load of free NSNP merch.

This month we’re giving the prestigious and much sought after award to this awesome US based MK5 Jetta TDI. Hit the jump for more pictures and the incredible spec list…
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FEATURED: Tommy Searle’s STaSIS tuned Audi A5

7th February 2013 | BY NSNP

For those of you not clued up with world motocross superstars, Tommy Searle is one of them. He rides for Monster Energy Kawasaki and last year was runner up in the MX-GP2 class having finished 13 of 16 races on the podium.

But when he’s not ripping around on his dirt bike he’s rolling coal in his Audi A5, which has recently been fettled by STaSIS and Revo at their HQ in Daventry.

Hit the jump for the full feature…

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FEATURED: Tuned Seat Ibiza Cupra TDI makes 350BHP!

3rd February 2013 | BY NSNP

Danny Brooks’ Seat Ibiza is gaining some notoriety in the tuned diesel scene. Having seen it first hand run 13 seconds at Santa Pod as well as the dyno prints that back it up, we decided to delve a little deeper into what makes this banana split. Hit the jump for more pics and the full tech spec.

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VIDEO: ZCars Diesel Autograss Racer

24th January 2013 | BY NSNP

British tuning company ZCars are well known for their Hayabusa turbo Minis and the insane twin Hayabusa engined, 1000bhp Ultima GTR. They’re not scared of crossing that line from genius to madness when it comes to crazy cars, so you can imagine our excitement when we saw this video of them building an Autograss Racer featuring a 2.0l TDI engine.

Hit the jump for more…

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Featured: Monster Tuning Land Rover Discovery Monster Truck

17th January 2013 | BY NSNP

In the strange period between Christmas and New Year, where space and time become distorted, the days are blurred by turkey sandwiches and the nights by too much babycham, we braved the temporal vortexes to visit the guys at Monster Tuning. Their workshop is tucked away amongst the hills of Shropshire, the perfect place it would seem,  to develop and test some very special off road vehicles.

Hit the jump for more photos and a video of this beast getting a good thrashing…

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