No Smoke No Poke

Pikes Peak race truck drifts its way round a shipping yard filled with babes who definitely don’t work there…

17th November 2014 | BY Adam

truck drift

Watch stunt driver and big rig drift specialist Mike Ryan throw his 2000 horsepower Pikes Peak truck around a shipping yard. We’d hazard a guess that some of the ‘workers’ in this video may have been hired in for the shoot…but hey, we’re not complaining.

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The Dumpster lights them up - Duramax engine swapped Chevy van.

6th October 2014 | BY Adam

The Dumpster started life as a Chevy Express van, before being disemboweled and stuffed full of Duramax goodness. Now it runs 12 second quarter miles in spectacular fashion, although in this video it’s ‘upcycling’ its tyres from rubber to smoke…lots of smoke.

Hit the jump for to watch this delivery derv run up the strip…

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[VIDEO] Diesel Trucks vs Tuner Cars

15th July 2014 | BY Adam

truck drag racing

We’re all free to make choices, free to decide what we eat, what to listen to, free to chose which pants to wear today…if any at all (that’s for you Alabama) and most importantly we are free to chose what we drive.

And because of this glorious freedom, peoples minds are blown by big smokey diesel trucks showing tuned sports cars a clean pair of heels.

Hit the jump for the magic.
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“There goes that insane Arosa again, difficult to believe it’s diesel” - Darkside Developments still chasing that illusive sub 10 second quarter mile

8th July 2014 | BY Adam

Darkside Arosa

This weekend saw GTI International take place at Shakespeare County Raceway just outside of Stratford. The highlight of the three day show is the public access to the drag strip, where drivers can pay-to-play and send their cars up the quarter mile all day long.

Last year, Barnsley based diesel tuners Darkside Developments took their twin turbo MK4 Golf and ran a 13.4, taking the ‘fastest diesel’ trophy. This year however, they took their 409bhp Seat Arosa to play…you know, the one that’s nearly doing sub-ten-second quarter miles?

Hit the jump for the video…
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Audi to present new R18 e-tron Quattro at Le Mans

24th March 2014 | BY Adam

Audi will launch the latest incarnation of their Le Mans racer tomorrow, the new R18 e-tron Quattro. At 1:15pm. The German manufacturer will unveil the diesel hybrid sportscar before the assembled public on the Place des Jacobins and presents it in its final color scheme and design.

Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen will then drive the R18 e-tron quattro, accompanied by a police escort, from the town centre of Le Mans to the Welcome Center at the race track.

Hit the jump to find out how to watch the launch, live on NSNP…
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Milltek KPM Racing Golf TDI takes the win at Dunlop 12H in Mugello

19th March 2014 | BY Adam

Milltek Sport’s Golf TDI took the win this weekend at Mugello, in the Dunlop 12H Italy race. Dominating from the lights going out all the way to the chequered flag, the diesel race car finished an impressive 12 laps ahead of it’s rivals in the D1 category. Running with KPM Racing, the Golf collected its second successive piece of D1 class silverware in only its second outing into the international 2014 ’24H Series’.

Hit the jump for the race report and pictures…
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Budget Turbodiesel Daily Driver - Episode 3

3rd February 2014 | BY NSNP


In the latest episode of Black Smoke Racing’s YouTube series the time has come to start sorting the heart of the car out. This inevitably requires some precision and a well trained eye, needless to say to say the welder and hammer weren’t going to cut it. Hit the jump to watch Ville the tame machinist turn a bucket of bits into a cylinder head fit to drift.
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Mazda to race diesel P2 prototype in 2014 TUDOR United SportsCar Championship

8th January 2014 | BY Adam

It’s confirmed that this year Mazda will be competing in the TUDOR United SportsCar Championship in their prototype P2 diesel racer.
Their latest venture in to competitive racing with diesel engines come off the back of their success in the Rolex Grand-Am Championship last season. They won 9 out of twelve races in the Skyactiv Mazda 6, scooping the overall manufacturers title and proving that diesel engines absolutely have a place in motorsport.

Hit the jump for testing videos and an in-car lap…

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1500bhp trucks a plenty at the Super Diesel Shootout in Tulsa

27th November 2013 | BY Adam

God bless ‘Murca, the land of 7″ exhausts and 2000bhp daily driven trucks. This year Tulsa was home to the Super Diesel Shootout, a show featuring sled pulls, drag racing and dyno runs. After competing in each event an overall winner is chosen, and this time around it happened to be a 16 year old kid in a Cummins powered F250 (Dura-who?). Imagine competing at Ten Of The Best and having your arse handed to you by a kid…

Hit the jump for the video…
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Is Ken Block’s Gymkhana 6 the best one yet?

14th November 2013 | BY Adam

In case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the latest installment in the Gymkhana franchise from professional tyre slayer, Ken Block.
This film is the sixth in the series and arguably the most hyped to date, but is it the best?

Hit the jump to watch and let us know which is your favourite Gymkhana video in the comments…
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