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Budget Turbodiesel Daily Driver – Episode 6 - OM605 Fuel Pump Tuning

3rd March 2014 | BY Adam

In this episode, the Black Smoke Racing guys go to Diesel Landia to have their Mercedes OM605 fuel pump tuned by Finnish tractor pulling legend, Pekka Herlevi.
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Kayne’s AMD tuned Fiesta Zetec S TDCI

20th February 2014 | BY Adam

For long time forum user Kayne, his Fiesta TDCI build sort of snuck up on him. Having car shared with his parents for a while after passing his test, when a new job opportunity arose he decided it was time to get his own wheels. With a lengthy commute ahead of him, the sensible choice was made and he bought a bog standard fuel efficient, safe and reliable little Fiesta Zetec S TDCI in Sea Grey. But it wasn’t long before he started wondering about the potential of that little turbo diesel engine and Kayne began to do his research in to how he could free up some extra horsepower…

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Budget Turbodiesel Daily Driver – Episode 5

12th February 2014 | BY Adam



In this episode from Black Smoke Racing, they show us once again how to build a Mercedes turbodiesel engine on a gritty workshop floor…
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Budget Turbodiesel Daily Driver - Episode 4

11th February 2014 | BY Adam

Building an engine in a clean and tidy environment is essential to make sure you prevent any contamination. Naturally, the guys at Black Smoke Racing are building theirs on the floor of their workshop…whilst smoking.

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Budget Turbodiesel Daily Driver - Episode 2

21st January 2014 | BY Adam

If you missed the first episode last week, the Black Smoke Racing team have a new YouTube series following their progress building a budget turbo diesel ‘daily driver’ (read: drift car). 
In episode two, they’re on to bodywork and engine removal which ironically is done using the same tools - a big hammer and an angle grinder.

Hit the jump to see Finnish precision engineering at its best…
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How to build a street legal diesel drift car on a budget

14th January 2014 | BY Adam

As a kid my bedroom walls were plastered in posters of iconic 80’s and 90’s sports cars (and a couple of rudie Max Power girls). I used to lay on my bed and dream of one day owning a Lamborghini or Ferrari - that was where I’d find my automotive nirvana, behind the wheel of such exotica.

But as you grow older, you realise that life’s path isn’t all that likely to lead you in to an expensive Italian super car dealership with a suitcase of twenties. Instead, it’s more likely that it’ll take you to a back street garage in Birmingham where you’ll part with £700 and walk away with a 1997 134,000 mile Mercedes W202 C250 turbo diesel. Who’s 5 cylinder engine channels the excitement and raw power of the Group B Audi Quattro you lusted after all those years ago (if you listen really, really carefully).

Take my word for that, it’s true. It happened to me last month.

But whilst a lesser man may have cried in to his walnut dash and blue velour interior as he drove his Benz home, I did not. For I knew that what I’d just bought for £700 was something special, a car which was held in high regard by the Nordic Gods of Drift and one which had great potential lurking beneath it’s crispy exterior.

Hit the jump to find out how this £700 luxo-barge can become a street legal, drift sleeper for not a lot of money…
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Revo VW Transporter T5 breaks Nurburgring lap record set by Sabine Schmitz

20th June 2013 | BY Adam

You may remember back in 2009 when Sabine Shmitz set the Nurburgring lap record for a commercial vehicle on an episode of Top Gear. She expertly piloted a standard Ford Transit van around the ring in 10:08 whilst following a Dodge Viper for increased aero. Last week we headed out to the hallowed Grüne Hölle with Revo and their lightly modified Volkswagen Transporter  T5 van to see if they couldn’t shake things up a little…

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So Low - Joshua Joyce’s Mk1 Golf TDI

21st May 2013 | BY NSNP

Normally at the begining of a blog post we’d write a paragraph known as “The Hook”. The hook givies a brief description of the car we’re featuring, plus a juicy hint of how awesome it is, all in the hope that we’ve got your attention and you’ll carry on reading. Today that’s not going to happen. Instead there will be only the following words; Lowered, Decked, Slammed, Dumped and Stanced. Hit the jump to see how “this lower than a snake’s belly” Mk1 Golf came to be.

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100 Pounds of Boost? Now we’re Torquing!

14th May 2013 | BY NSNP

If you’re going to choose to go drag racing in something that weighs nearly 3 tonnes then you’re likely to need horse power, and truck fulls of it. Luckily this is not something Max Kirtley is short of, having taken not one, but two simply huge turbochargers and mounted them in compound to a 6 cylinder Cummins engine. If you need the definition of a car that doesn’t accelerate but spins the world backwards then the “Lil Red Express” would be a good contender. Hit the jump for loads more pictures and a smoke filled video.
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Back Smoke Racing: Getting it Done!

3rd March 2013 | BY NSNP

The past couple of weeks have seen the Black Smoke Racing team leap forwards with progress on their all new 2013 drift car. The long days and late nights seem to be paying off as the Mercedes W203 Estate is beginning to look like a real race car.  Hit the jump for more pictures and a run down on the progress so far.
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