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Black Smoke Racing street drifting event ‘Venetsia Drift’

28th August 2013 | BY Adam

Drifting may have been born in the hills of Japan, but in a little corner of Finland the sport is being raised and nurtured by a group of friends we know very well. The combination of long dark nights and even longer snowy winters means the Black Smoke Racing team have a lot of time on their hands for two things - thinking and drifting.

That combo results in nuts projects like their fleet of Mercedes diesel drift wagons and their team bus / car transporter / karaoke bar.

Most recently though, it’s resulted in a pretty bad ass drift event around the streets of their home town Kokkola.

Hit the jump for the teaser video.
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SHOW REPORT: Autosport International 2013

23rd January 2013 | BY NSNP

2012 has flown by for all of  us here at NSNP. It was only 12 months ago that we set off for Auto Sport International to first cover the show from a diesel driver’s point of view. Well it’s time again for our return visit to one of the largest automotive shows in Europe, and the results were not what we expected!  Read the full report after the jump…

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VIDEO: “Promo Girls on” - At Autosport 2013

22nd January 2013 | BY NSNP

We’ve all seen them, the lycra clad ladies at car shows draping themselves over car bonnets and posing tirelessly for photos with the great unwashed masses. When we’re not worrying about the micro abrasions and swirl marks their catsuits are putting in to the paintwork of the cars they’re perched on, we’ve often wondered what goes on in their minds.

At Autosport 2013, we attempted to find out…

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Players Show Report, Photos and Video

23rd October 2012 | BY NSNP

The 4th Players show took place on Sunday 16th September, we were there to not only cover the show but to take our very first trade stand out for a spin. As per usual for the NSNP Crew it was an early start (4.30am) in order to load the car up with enough sweets, t-shirts, gear and stickers to sink a battle ship! The journey down to Essex was good fun though with plenty of cars already on their way, mostly covered in blue detailing tape or bonnet bras. We arrived in good time and just about managed to beat what became an epic queue later on, which was simply down to the sheer volume of people attending this year. Even the organisers looked shocked at the snaking trail of cars disappearing off in to the distance.

More photos and a video after the jump…
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GTI Fest 2012 Show Report

16th October 2012 | BY NSNP

Where else could you go to see a man strap himself next to a jet engine running flat out and hope to live, find 10 year olds fighting it out at the lights and watch your mates prove just how true those claims of speed down the pub might be. It could only be Gti Fest at Santa Pod Raceway!

Read the full show report after the jump.

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Edition 38 show report

3rd September 2012 | BY NSNP

Alarms went off at around 6am and before we knew it, we were on the road to Northampton for the final day of Edition 38. We pulled through the main gates to a packed show ground which even by 9am was buzzing with activity. As is the norm with these kind of shows the car park was filled with tonnes of very tasty stuff, so we took our time to wander through before collecting our passes from the media tent.

More pictures and the full report after the jump
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Maximized 2012 - Show report and video

10th June 2012 | BY NSNP

We first heard about MAXimized through a chance meeting at Ultimate Dubs earlier this year. Whilst wandering the halls hunting for dervs, we started chatting to a group of guys who had travelled a fair way to get to Telford that weekend. The standard of cars that had made it across the channel from Belgium was jaw dropping, and when we were invited back there to see for ourselves just how good they could be? Well who were we to refuse.

Hit the jump for more photos and the video…
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Maximized - Day 2 Photo dump

2nd June 2012 | BY NSNP

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Maximized - Day 1 photo dump

1st June 2012 | BY NSNP

At Ultimate Dubs earlier in the year we got chatting to Kevin, one of the guys behind Maximized. He told us about the event and invited us over - fast forward to today and at 7am this morning our 360mile journey across the UK, France and Belgium began. We’ll be dumping photos here each evening and a full write up with video will be put up once we’re back.
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Edition 38: Early Edition

26th April 2012 | BY NSNP

With the show season starting to gain momentum we headed over to Northampton to see what the guys at Edition 38  had put together to kick start our Sunday.  After a short walk we found the  entrance, but as is the norm with these events, the quality was just as high in the car park as it was in the show grounds.
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