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“There goes that insane Arosa again, difficult to believe it’s diesel” - Darkside Developments still chasing that illusive sub 10 second quarter mile

8th July 2014 | BY Adam

Darkside Arosa

This weekend saw GTI International take place at Shakespeare County Raceway just outside of Stratford. The highlight of the three day show is the public access to the drag strip, where drivers can pay-to-play and send their cars up the quarter mile all day long.

Last year, Barnsley based diesel tuners Darkside Developments took their twin turbo MK4 Golf and ran a 13.4, taking the ‘fastest diesel’ trophy. This year however, they took their 409bhp Seat Arosa to play…you know, the one that’s nearly doing sub-ten-second quarter miles?

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Road legal jet fighter - The Volkswagen Aerrow Concept

20th March 2014 | BY Adam

Back in the mid Nineties I remember getting the first Playstation console and one of games it came with was called ‘Wipeout‘. Set in 2052, you zipped about in anti-gravity crafts competing in a futuristic racing series. If you’d asked me then whether we’d be driving anti-gravity craft in fifty years time I’d have laughed at the prospect. But German automotive designer Andreas Blazunaj certainly wouldn’t.

Check out his insane two wheeled, gyro stabilized and TDI powered concept car after the jump…
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The Ford Focus ST Diesel is coming - will it be called the STD?

7th March 2014 | BY Adam

It’s all kicking off in Geneva at the moment. At a dinner this week, Ford’s chief operating officer, Mark Fields announced that there will be a Ford Focus ST diesel in the new line up. Positioned to go head to head with the Golf GTD, the new Focus diesel will get a 2.0l TDCi engine boasting a whopping one horsepower more than the Golf.

More importantly than any performance figures though is the name, will we see Ford introducing a new STD in to the automotive world?

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Mazda Hazumi concept revealed at Geneva

6th March 2014 | BY Adam

This week at the Geneva Motor Show, Mazda unveiled their new subcompact concept, the Hazumi. The word ‘Hazumi’ in Japanese means to ‘bound’ or ‘spring up’ and the name was picked by Mazda to convey an image of a small but vigorous animal, bursting with energy.

Equipped with a new, smaller and even lighter 1.5l version of the critically acclaimed and race-proven Skyactiv-D engine, it’ll be interesting to see how well this thing goes. We hope the engineers have kept the name in mind whilst tuning the engine, because this concept certainly has the aggressive looks to match a set of sporty performance figures.

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MTM tuned VW Amarok gets 405bhp Twin Turbo V8 diesel

5th March 2014 | BY Adam


German tuners MTM have done us proud by shoehorning a 4.2l twin-turbo TDI engine with 405bhp in to a VW Amarok. The OTT Amarok was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this week and features an uprated suspension set up with a Panhard rod combined with air springs. As well as MTM’s own bigger front brake kit, the rear drums have also been swapped out for discs.

Hit the jump for more photos from the show of this beast…

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Budget Turbodiesel Daily Driver – Episode 6 - OM605 Fuel Pump Tuning

3rd March 2014 | BY Adam

In this episode, the Black Smoke Racing guys go to Diesel Landia to have their Mercedes OM605 fuel pump tuned by Finnish tractor pulling legend, Pekka Herlevi.
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Budget Turbodiesel Daily Driver – BONUS EPISODE - Bäck in Härmä

25th February 2014 | BY Adam

Taking a break from building the budget turbo diesel engine, Teemu and the team take a trip to Härmä to pick up the block for the Black Smoke Racing Mercedes drifter.

Their builder, Vesa Kivimäki, is a diesel mad scientist with a coumpound charged 1200bhp Duramax powered daily driven truck (with obligatory flame paint job). He also has a 2,000bhp space frame monster truck which has so much power it requires a special box to keep your foot in place on the accelerator…
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Budget Turbodiesel Daily Driver – Episode 5

12th February 2014 | BY Adam



In this episode from Black Smoke Racing, they show us once again how to build a Mercedes turbodiesel engine on a gritty workshop floor…
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Budget Turbodiesel Daily Driver - Episode 4

11th February 2014 | BY Adam

Building an engine in a clean and tidy environment is essential to make sure you prevent any contamination. Naturally, the guys at Black Smoke Racing are building theirs on the floor of their workshop…whilst smoking.

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Satan’s Work Van: 400bhp 1949 Ford F5 Dump Truck Hot Rod

29th January 2014 | BY Adam

Mitch Allread’s Ford Powerstroke powered 1949 Ford F5 dump truck hot rod is insane. From the huge fuel tanks, to the dually rear end to the garden chair seats, the whole thing is bat shit crazy and we love it.

Packing 400bhp and 700lbft torque, low and slow is not the name of the game for this ex-paving truck.
Hit the jump for the full feature video…

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