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Quad Turbo Cloud Machine

8th November 2013 | BY NSNP


Have you ever wondered where clouds are born? The big white fluffy sort that float by on warm summer evening and look like cotton wool on a blue backdrop. Turns out they are forged inside the fiery heart of a stretched big rig called the Bandag Bullet. HIt the jump to see the ultimate burnout machine in action.
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TECH: Alpina’s new BMW D3 Biturbo. It’s quick.

23rd October 2013 | BY Tom Reeder

Like a silvery shaft of moonlight trickling through a misty night sky, the Alpina D3 Bi-turbo is, in its simplicity, beautiful. It’s the fastest production diesel car of all time, and it costs just £50k… if you ignore the 13 pages of “optional extras”. Hit the jump for the lowdown…

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These Ron Burgundy Dodge adverts will make you snotlol

11th October 2013 | BY Adam

There’s not many videos online that will make you laugh so hard you snot a bit, but these adverts for the new Dodge Durango did it for us. In a rare break from reading the news, Ron Burgundy made himself some money on the side, as the face of Dodge in their latest campaign.

I never thought I’d buy a car based on the size of it’s glove box, but man I’m tempted to get myself a Durango…

Hit the jump for all five hilarious videos.

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Give up smoking for Stoptober? Yeah right!

1st October 2013 | BY Adam

This Dodge Cummins doesn’t look like it will be quitting smoking for ‘Stoptober’. Featuring an American diesel tuning company on their 4th Annual ‘Judgement Day’ show, Thoroughbred Diesel’s Dodge doesn’t seem to need more power, smoking out its garage in under a minute.

Hit the jump for the video…
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Diesel Sand Rail Racing.

16th July 2013 | BY NSNP

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive a car that could accelerate like a missile across mud, sand and even water, had the power output of a small battlecruiser yet still had room for the shopping (probably). Well wonder no more as the good folk from Merchant Auto have achieved all of these things with their Duramax powered sand rail. Hit the jump for a couple of clips showing just how fast this old oil burner is.
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Peugeots V8 Diesel Supercar Concept

4th June 2013 | BY NSNP

Back at the Paris Auto Show last year Peugeot turned quite a few heads with it’s Onyx concept car and it turns out that there’s now an actual road going version. Peugeot intend to give a few lucky Francophiles the chance to ride in the copper and carbon super car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Boasting a V8 diesel hybrid engine and drivetrain derived directly from it’s now defunct LeMans racer, this innovative piece of engineering had all the underpinnings of a great road car. So how come Peugeot doesn’t plan to build it? Hit the jump for more pictures and to find out why.
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Common cold could be in your next tank full

2nd May 2013 | BY NSNP

Apparently some extremely clever bods in white coats have developed a means of making bacteria produce diesel fuel “on demand!” 

A team from the University of Exeter have managed to create the specialised strain of e-coli that will turn sugars into synthetic diesel that is almost identical to the dino derv that gets pumped out of the ground. The benefits of this are that it does not need to be cut with petroleum products as currently happens with bio diesel. What’s really exciting is that the process is carbon neutral and would run existing vehicles without any modification to either engines or filling stations.  
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Mazda6 Skyactiv Diesel wins Rolex Grand-Am Race

24th April 2013 | BY NSNP

After a ‘shaky’ start it looks like the Mazda6 Skyactiv diesels are finding their feet, finishing 1st and 3rd in only their fourth race in the Rolex Grand-Am GX race at Road Atlanta. It was a three-way battle for most of the race with a Porsche Cayman splitting the two Mazdas.

Joel Miller, co-driver, #00 VISIT FLORIDA RACING Mazda6: “The new Mazda6 prepared by SpeedSource ran perfectly. The torque of the SKYACTIV-D pulled up the elevation changes around Road Atlanta circuit strongly and the Mazda6 handled beautifully.

Hit the jump for the full report…
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VIDEO: Ken Block smashes a wheel mid drift #AintCare [OFF TOPIC]

24th January 2013 | BY NSNP

While filming “Ken Block AWD Drifts Formula DRIFT Irwindale” Ken was asked if he could ride the wall. Having no bashbar behind the bumper, and no boot for overhang like most drift cars, he was forced to to go in wheel first… This was the result…

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TECH: Audi OLED laser beam rear lights and cars that drive themselves

16th January 2013 | BY NSNP

At this years CES in Las Vegas, many car manufacturers have been showcasing their autonomous driving technology. Whilst a car that can park itself isn’t new to us, one that actually drops you off at the office and then makes it’s own way to the parking lot is.

Hit the jump for more info and videos presented by the most German man in the world…
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