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The sound of an OM605 with a straight through exhaust | Taking the Benz for a spin

17th April 2015 | BY Adam

Straight exhaust OM605

Being a 5 cylinder, the OM605 engine has a distinctive sound as standard. But with a few lengths of straight pipe you can really get them to sing. Loads of you have been asking how ‘The Benz’ sounds with it’s straight through exhaust, so we headed out with a couple of GoPros and went for a drive…
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Rolling Coal is cool…but you already knew that!

3rd April 2015 | BY Adam

tuned diesels

Rolling Coal is cool…no two ways about it. Out of these ten soot chuckers, which is your favourite?

Hit the jump for the video and let us know yours in the comments below.
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Pikes Peak race truck drifts its way round a shipping yard filled with babes who definitely don’t work there…

17th November 2014 | BY Adam

truck drift

Watch stunt driver and big rig drift specialist Mike Ryan throw his 2000 horsepower Pikes Peak truck around a shipping yard. We’d hazard a guess that some of the ‘workers’ in this video may have been hired in for the shoot…but hey, we’re not complaining.

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The Dumpster lights them up - Duramax engine swapped Chevy van.

6th October 2014 | BY Adam

The Dumpster started life as a Chevy Express van, before being disemboweled and stuffed full of Duramax goodness. Now it runs 12 second quarter miles in spectacular fashion, although in this video it’s ‘upcycling’ its tyres from rubber to smoke…lots of smoke.

Hit the jump for to watch this delivery derv run up the strip…

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The new Mad Max movie trailer is insane!

29th July 2014 | BY Adam


There’s just too much awesomeness to pass comment on in the Mad Max: Fury Road trailer. Explosions, cars with spikes, superchargers, babes, more explosions, big trucks, crazy enduro bikes, even more explosions.

Just crank up your speakers, watch the trailer and marvel at the epicness.
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This bagged, widened and ratty as f*ck Powerstroke engined 1947 Chevy pickup is bad ass.

28th July 2014 | BY Adam


It’s been chopped and widened by 9″, the boost is wound up to 42psi and it makes 505bhp and 885lbft torque. Plus it’s on bags, has a train horn in the bed and looks so rad pulling a trailer around…we want one so bad.

Hit the jump for the video.
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[VIDEO] Diesel Trucks vs Tuner Cars

15th July 2014 | BY Adam

truck drag racing

We’re all free to make choices, free to decide what we eat, what to listen to, free to chose which pants to wear today…if any at all (that’s for you Alabama) and most importantly we are free to chose what we drive.

And because of this glorious freedom, peoples minds are blown by big smokey diesel trucks showing tuned sports cars a clean pair of heels.

Hit the jump for the magic.
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“There goes that insane Arosa again, difficult to believe it’s diesel” - Darkside Developments still chasing that illusive sub 10 second quarter mile

8th July 2014 | BY Adam

Darkside Arosa

This weekend saw GTI International take place at Shakespeare County Raceway just outside of Stratford. The highlight of the three day show is the public access to the drag strip, where drivers can pay-to-play and send their cars up the quarter mile all day long.

Last year, Barnsley based diesel tuners Darkside Developments took their twin turbo MK4 Golf and ran a 13.4, taking the ‘fastest diesel’ trophy. This year however, they took their 409bhp Seat Arosa to play…you know, the one that’s nearly doing sub-ten-second quarter miles?

Hit the jump for the video…
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Watch this Arosa TDI slay a 1200bhp GTR and a Chevelle Pro ET drag car at Santa Pod

25th May 2014 | BY Adam

When Vin Diesel asked Paul Walker for a ‘ten second car’ in first the Fast and Furious movie, the last thing he’d have expected Walker to come back with is a Seat Arosa TDI.

But that’s exactly what this dinky derv is…and it’s slaying super cars in comical fashion. Hit the jump to see it in action.
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2014 NSNP Diesel Dyno Day at Monster Tuning

24th April 2014 | BY Adam

This bank holiday weekend we held our annual diesel dyno day at Monster Tuning in Telford. With a varied mix of cars signed up and good weather promised, we packed the BBQ and food and headed off early to get set up before the first runners arrived.

Hit the jump for the pics…
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