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Edition 38 show report

3rd September 2012 | BY NSNP

Alarms went off at around 6am and before we knew it, we were on the road to Northampton for the final day of Edition 38. We pulled through the main gates to a packed show ground which even by 9am was buzzing with activity. As is the norm with these kind of shows the car park was filled with tonnes of very tasty stuff, so we took our time to wander through before collecting our passes from the media tent.

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I can safely say I have NEVER seen tyres as wide and thin as was fitted to this track ready porker. They were a simply ma-hoosive 355/25/r19, not the kind of rubber your local Kwik Fit would have on the have on the shelf.

Need one of these!

Extreme side exit exhaust kinda puts the one on the NSNP Ibiza to shame.

Toughest Caddy ever.

The event seemed really well organised with plenty of staff on site to help out.

The MC’s on the main stage kept the crowd entertained all day with music and car geek banter. The weather just about held all day and the atmosphere was great.

Saw more and more VW Caddy’s being turned into show cars, with the right bits borrowed from models higher up in the range these can be made into really comfortable little vans (although you might struggle to find the optional toy town interior down the breaker’s yard.

All the way from Northern Ireland and a daily driver to boot!

Shark nose paint job, check.

Matching RC car, check.

Awesomeness, check.

More great work from Plush Automotive.


With adapters available in nearly every combination it’s weird to think that 5 years ago Merc wheels on a Dub would have made waves.

Sadly nobody inside the bus. We checked.


It’s the period touches that make this car.




We’re not sure if this subtle air con unit was a factory option…

100e Audi was the star of the show as far as we’re concerned. The kind of car you could look at all day and still find cool little details.

Mo’ money valve caps, great at a show but more like “gone in sixty seconds” down the local Tesco car park.

Three piece wheels with the centres on the outside? Hmm, the jury is still out for us.

Facelifted Golf looking tough.


It was cool to meet some new people and put a few more names to faces. Next year you might even see our NSNP stand at Edition 38.

For the rest of the photos jump over to the Edition 38 thread on the forum and be sure to post up your pics too.

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    • Listen up guys. We're organising a No Smoke No Poke day out, go carting at Teamworks Karting Coventry. We're...

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