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    Mikalor Clamps & Clip Products Guide

    Hi All,

    First off if you didn't Know....Hidden at the bottom of the forums board index, Right in the depths at the bottom of the tank is a little section called "Discount".....

    In this place you will find a Discount for all registered users from ourselves on ALL MIKALOR CLAMP AND CLIP PRODUCTS, So register to the forum is you haven't...its FREE, and have a look!!!!

    Ok, lets start, The Mikalor Clamp and Clip Guide

    The Mikalor Clamp & Clip products are produced in Europe to the highest quality. They are made with the latest production technology ensuring a consistent finished product & design that are certified to ISO9001 & ISO14001 industrial standards.

    Mikalor Material Code Guide
    Each Clamp, Clip & Fastener Product has a materiel code.
    • W1 - Zinc Plated Mild Steel , Spring Steel, Spring Wire[/*:m:15t4pt6g]
    • W2 - 430 Stainless Steel Band, Bridge/ Housing with a Cr3 White Silver Zinc Plates Tensile steel Screw/ Bolt & screw fittings - W2 is GREAT VALUE and the most used grade in the UK[/*:m:15t4pt6g]
    • W3 - All 430 Stainless Steel Construction, 430 Stainless is a magnetic stainless thats tough [/*:m:15t4pt6g]
    • W4 - Full 304 Stainless Steel construction with 303 Screw / Bolt and Fittings[/*:m:15t4pt6g]
    • W5 - Full 316 Marine / Food Grade stainless Steel. + 316 Screw and Bolts

    • Cr3 Zinc Plating - gives an extra corrosion resistant surface layer thats tough and can have a number of finishes a like chrome Finish, Matt Silver or Yellowed[/*:m:15t4pt6g]
    • BLACK - YES BLACK!!! Mikalor BLACK Worm Drive Clips will be available very soon.... A anti corrosion coating thats also Matt black, specially designed for Ducati[/*:m:15t4pt6g]
    • Polished Stainless[/*:m:15t4pt6g]

    Measurements and Sizing

    • All Clip and Clamp Products have a size range that is the Diameter (across not around) the outside of the Pipe it will clamp...Please note its important that you keep within this limits see below for more details on this[/*:m:15t4pt6g]


    The Patented MIKALOR SUPRA CLAMP RANGE available in W2, W4 & W5(Special order) W2 is by far the most popular material
    Click here to enlarge
    • This is a Heavy Duty Clamp with a standard size range from 17 to 252mm Diameter, Larger diameters and custom configurations can be covered by using two clamps to make a double bolt clamp...But its rarely needed.
    • Suitable for use as Boost Hose Clamps & even for clamping up your exhaust.[/*:m:15t4pt6g]
    • Beveled Edges to protect Silicone and Rubber Hose[/*:m:15t4pt6g]
    • Patented Bridge design - Can be fitted with out the need to remove the hose / Exhaust pipe[/*:m:15t4pt6g]
    • 8.8 Tensile bolt - Sizes 17mm to 29mm use an M6 Bolt, Sizes 29mm to 68mm Use an M7 Bolt, 68mm to 130mm Use an M8 Bolt, 130+ use an M10 Bolt[/*:m:15t4pt6g]
    • Band Width - 17 to 29mm are 18mm wide, 29 to 68mm are 22mm wide, 68 to 130 are 25mm wide 130mm+ are 28mm wide
    • FITMENT NOTES - Each clamp has a size range which states the outside diameter range of the hose that it will clamp, SO MEASURE UP before buying, from 51 to 55mm or 63 to 68mm YOU NEED TO BUY THE CORRECT SIZE. Mikalor clamps have the patented fixed radius bridge, if you clamp below the size range the shape of this section can effect sealing of boost hoses and also can lower the pressure applied to the joint. A simple fact is that if you have a leaking Mikalor Clamp...ITS DOWN TO A FITMENT ISSUE not the design of the clamp. 3 Bar of pressure is not a lot for a Mikalor clamp. Mikalor Clamps will NOT CLAMP ANYTHING ABOVE THE SIZE RANGE, THEY WILL GO BELOW but please note the above info! Word of warning, if yout clamping silicon / Rubber hose onto plastic pipe you can find its possible to CRUSH the pipe if you over tighten[/*:m:15t4pt6g]

    MIKALOR ASFA WORM DRIVE CLIPS Available in W1, W2, W3 BLACK ,W4, W5 & Titanium....for the money no object customer
    Click here to enlarge Click here to enlarge
    First of all THESE ARE NOT JUBILEE CLIPS..... Jubilee is a different brand all together. Mikalor Worm Drive Clips are an industrial quality worm drive clip and more than up to the job of holding your water hoses and even Boost hosing, they are for medium pressure applications.
    • AVAILABLE in 9mm Wide Known as ASFA-L & 12mm wide ASFA-S[/*:m:15t4pt6g]
    [/*:m:15t4pt6g][*]Cold Formed Stamped Band Thread designed to handle a torque rating from 4.6Nm upto 7Nm for the 50 to 70mm Clamp and above[/*:m:15t4pt6g][*]Solid band with Smoothed Underside to protect the hose - Other (US style) Clips can have a serrated band that deforms on first tightening and also cuts into the hose. Others that have a solid band and are not smooth on the underside again can damage the hose and also can suffer from not btaking in the load very well[/*:m:15t4pt6g][*]Beveled Edges to protect the hose[/*:m:15t4pt6g][*]Innovative housing gives a compact clip and increases uniform clamping force , Just at the back of the housing the clip is shaped to increase pressure in this area, this is where many other clamps fail to seal.
    [/*:m:15t4pt6g][*]FITTING NOTES - The way to size the clips, If you have a 44mm dia pipe to clamp go with the 30 to 45mm Clip, This means you dont have extra band showing as you tighten you the clip. [/*:m:15t4pt6g][/list:u:15t4pt6g]

    MIKALOR SPRING BAND CLIPS - Spring Steel - Fits 6mm to 20mm
    Click here to enlarge
    Very Springy little clips that are widly used on Fuel lines and Vacuume hoses, There are OEM on may cars and can handle temperature changes, Vibration and are a quick easy fit.

    Fitting Notes - Not much to say on this one, Measure dia of pipe and get the nearest size clip

    MORE TO FOLLOW SOON - Click here to enlarge - discount for TDOCUK Members - look in discount section

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    Re: Mikalor Clamps & Clip Products Guide


    Mikalor Cable Clip - for 9 to 13mm Cable / Pipe - W1 Spring Steel Zinc plated
    Click here to enlarge
    Very useful clip & easy to install. Push fits onto panel edge for easy install of Wire / Pipe. Not effected by heat, Good for O2 Sensor cable's. Will fit onto panel edge upto 2mm thickness. - discount for TDOCUK Members - look in discount section

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    Re: Mikalor Clamps & Clip Products Guide


    I'm having difficulty finding a supplier for the above image; 'push fits onto panel edge' clip. does not seem to exist, at least not any more. Can you direct me to somewhere that still supplies said component? Or give me an official part reference?

    Thanks a lot.

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