No Smoke No Poke

Africa to England on one tank of Diesel in a two-tonne Mercedes E Class, Can it be done?

2nd July 2014 | BY Adam

Mercedes e300 BlueTEC

On the eve of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the folks at Autocar teamed up with Mercedes to take on an MPG marathon of epic proportions. The challenge was to drive the new E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid from Tangier in Morocco all the way to Goodwood in England, a 2,200km (1,400 miles) journey…all on a single tank of fuel.

Hit the jump for the road trip video and more info on the BlueTEC Benz…
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Guy stops wild police chase by ramming the fleeing crim with his lifted truck. Guess who came off worse?

30th June 2014 | BY Adam

Series of crazy events unfolded in Syracuse, Utah when a 14 year old boy stole his Grandfather’s car and took off on a joy ride around the neighborhood.

Luckily, father and lifted truck owner Bryson Rowley caught wind of the police chase and saw the danger the local kids were being put in and took matters in to his own hands.
As the Hyundai Veloster came screaming round the corner, Rowley was there waiting and ploughed his Dodge Ram head first in to the car (whilst rolling some coal!), bringing the chase to a swift stop.

Hit the jump for the crazy video and shots of the damage to both vehicles…place your bets as to which one came off worse!
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Watch this Arosa TDI slay a 1200bhp GTR and a Chevelle Pro ET drag car at Santa Pod

25th May 2014 | BY Adam

When Vin Diesel asked Paul Walker for a ‘ten second car’ in first the Fast and Furious movie, the last thing he’d have expected Walker to come back with is a Seat Arosa TDI.

But that’s exactly what this dinky derv is…and it’s slaying super cars in comical fashion. Hit the jump to see it in action.
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Who says diesels don’t sound good? Here’s some soot chucking sonatas

20th May 2014 | BY Adam

“Diesels are rattly, unrefined, noisy, grubby, smokey, oily old things which all sound like tractors” - Joe Public.

Well that’s not strictly true now…is it?
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2014 NSNP Diesel Dyno Day at Monster Tuning

24th April 2014 | BY Adam

This bank holiday weekend we held our annual diesel dyno day at Monster Tuning in Telford. With a varied mix of cars signed up and good weather promised, we packed the BBQ and food and headed off early to get set up before the first runners arrived.

Hit the jump for the pics…
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Invisibility cloak will be an option on the new Land Rover Discovery Vision

22nd April 2014 | BY Adam

Land Rover have unveiled the new ‘Discovery Vision’ concept and it’s fair to say some of the optional extras are pretty bat-shit-crazy-but-awesome. Most incredibly, it’ll feature a ‘transparent bonnet’ which allows the driver to see exactly what they’re driving over (and perhaps if their oil or air filter needs changing).

Hit the jump to see it in action…

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The Priuspocalypse - Rednecks pull apart a Prius with their diesel trucks

10th April 2014 | BY Adam

God bless ‘Murca…we’ve all dreamed of doing this to a Prius, but most of us have the sense not to f*ck with a car filled with highly flammable, skin bleaching battery acid.

We can’t tell you how glad we are that these guys didn’t though…
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Diesel Dave tow prank goes seriously wrong…

8th April 2014 | BY Adam

Last year we posted up a video of #DieselDave playing a little prank on his buddy, smoking him out through the crapper window with a Duramax truck.
Well 365 days have passed and it’s time for revenge…but things don’t quite go as expected.

Hit the jump for the hilarious video…
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Audi R18 e-tron Quattro launch [Live Stream]

25th March 2014 | BY Adam


At 12.15pm (GMT) today, Audi will unveil the 2014 e-tron Quattro Le Mans racer with a special parade drive through the streets of Le Mans.

Watch the live stream of the Audi R18 e-tron Quattro launch at Le Mans after the jump…
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Audi to present new R18 e-tron Quattro at Le Mans

24th March 2014 | BY Adam

Audi will launch the latest incarnation of their Le Mans racer tomorrow, the new R18 e-tron Quattro. At 1:15pm. The German manufacturer will unveil the diesel hybrid sportscar before the assembled public on the Place des Jacobins and presents it in its final color scheme and design.

Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen will then drive the R18 e-tron quattro, accompanied by a police escort, from the town centre of Le Mans to the Welcome Center at the race track.

Hit the jump to find out how to watch the launch, live on NSNP…
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