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Top 5 Cars for Novice Drivers

  1. Daewoo Matiz

  2. Which car is better to buy for a woman who just got her driving license and became a novice driver? One of the budget options is Daewoo Matiz. This compact car has a lot of advantages that an inexperienced car enthusiast will appreciate:

    • Easy to find parking space;
    • Small expenses;
    • Good visibility for the driver;
    • Excellent maneuverability;
    • Cheap service.

    True, a driver of Daewoo Matiz will have to get used to its small salon. That is why this car is rarely chosen by men. Among other disadvantages of this car is that it’s the most comfortable one and has a creaky plastic front panel.

  3. Lada Granta

  4. The next car on this list is developed by the Russian automaker called AvtoVAZ and it’s called Lada Granta. Its strengths are low price, economical engines, a rich set of options in the luxury configuration, high ground clearance and relatively small size.

    The other upside to it is that all the parts are very cheap and easy to find. So a small accident with a scratched bumper or wing will not get you into that big of a financial trouble. The only caveat is this: when buying a Granta, it is worth making anti-corrosion treatment and additional sound insulation of a car.

    Therefore, if you still do not know which car is the best to buy for novice drivers, then pay attention to the Lada Granta. Maybe this is not the most comfortable car out there, but there is no doubt about its reliability and low price.

  5. Nissan Micra

  6. The next car on our list is Nissan Micra. The advantages of this hatchback are:

    • Japanese assembly
    • Small dimensions
    • Lots of features (default configuration includes seat heating, power steering, air conditioning, etc.)
    • Attractive design
    • Comfort
    • Profitability (about 5 liters per 100 km of run)

    Of course, this car will cost more than domestic the other cars on this list. However, you can pit a bit more for higher reliability and better handling. In addition, Japanese cars practically do not lose in price with time.

  7. Renault Logan

  8. Those who want to buy their first car at a low price should pay attention to the Renault Logan. This sedan is perfectly adapted to the harshest of conditions. The “Frenchman” has a reliable and impenetrable suspension, which is very important for a novice driver who does not always manage to drive around a bump or a hole on the road.

    The advantages of the car do not end there. It is also worth this:

    • It has a large motor potential (the engine is able to drive for more than 300 thousand km);
    • High ground clearance (about 16 cm), thanks to which you cannot be afraid of curbs and other small elevations;
    • Spacious trunk (510 liters)
    • Low price for parts and service.
  9. Kia Rio

  10. Kia Rio is perfect for every novice driver out there. It is distinguished by a modern and stylish appearance, a pleasant interior and engines that have already been tested by time.

    Spare parts for this model are cheaper than many other foreign cars. There will be no problems with the service either - in almost every city, there is a Kia dealership and many service stations that repair Korean cars.

    The car is not only beautiful and comfortable, but also safe. In 2012, according to the results of crash tests of Euro NCAP, it received the highest rating of 5 stars.

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